2nd Blogoversary

February 8th marks my blog’s second anniversary – I can’t believe it’s already been two years since I started this blog!

Thank you, everyone, for sticking around this long! I really do appreciate it and I love getting comments from you.

Last year, I did a 12-month photo gallery to celebrate my blog’s birthday, and I’m thinking I might turn it into a tradition. So here’s a selection of photos, representing posts from each month of the past year…

My favorite posts during the past blogging year included:

  • taking a walk down memory lane… all the way to Montpellier
  • the photo post of a photobombing penguin in Patagonia
  • and dreaming about magical Venice

Last year, I travelled to Switzerland, Italy, and Estonia, and my travels were reflected in my blog posts.

Quick virtual trip to the Swiss mountains:

Express teleportation to Italy:

Take a peek at Estonia:

I also did several posts on Hawaii, which is a place that I’ll never stop dreaming of…

Read what I wrote about Waimanalo and some other Hawaiian beaches  – or find more posts by exploring the menus of my blog’s front page.

Like many other bloggers, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time adjusting my blog’s front page and navigation to my liking. I actually loved designing the blog’s look and I still keep doing small adjustments every now and then.

If you only ever use the WP Reader or other feeds to read blog posts, I’d encourage you to occasionally drop by some of the blogs you follow in browser form, to see how the blogger intended it to be viewed. Otherwise you won’t even know what you’re missing out on!

I also wrote a post on internet marketing from a personal perspective, which turned out to be quite a conversation starter!

Last, but not least, I’ll leave you with the option to check out the story behind this cute house I saw while walking around the capital of Curaçao some years ago… this has to be another one of my favorite posts from the past blogging year.

House in Willemstad, Curaçao

Happy reading, everyone! Let’s keep on being creative and enjoying our hobbies, whether it’s blogging, sports, cooking, or anything else.

PS. This was my 334th blog post! It sounds like a lot – but most of them were photo posts, quick to do and quick to browse!

78 responses to “2nd Blogoversary

  1. Eeee, happy birthday to your happy blog! Thank you for showing us these lovely photos again. I’d bet that you were around much longer than two years though! If I just think: my present blog will be one year in May, and I had the previous one for more than two years. And yet I’d think that you’ve always been my blogging companion. Cin cin to many more posts!

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  2. Happy 2nd anniversary! Your blog is such a joy to read and your pictures are always so inspiring. I will invest my lunch break tomorrow reading your posts from Hawaii, I had somehow missed them – I spent sometime in Honolulu many years ago and I can’t wait for your posts to take me back to those memories and read about your experiences 🙂

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  3. gorgeous locations, but most importantly – your photos are gorgeous and I love reading you ♥ congrats on the anniversary, am so looking forward to more photo stories from you 🙂

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  4. Yes! Cheers to your 2nd Blog Anniversary! Keep on writing because I am a frequent ‘lounger’ in your pages.
    Thank you for finding me so I could follow your Blog and it’s really a pleasure to know such a wonderful person like you.
    Happy travels..

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Wow, belated congratulations on your blog anniversary! Well done 🙂 My second year hasn’t been going as well as my first, I don’t seem to have so much time to blog… Wishing you a great year ahead ❤

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