As usual, on Sunday we placed our order for the local grocery store to deliver a whole week’s worth of groceries at our doorstep. Digital age and twins – ah, what a combo!

We can no longer even imagine the pain and sweat involved in dragging all that food + mountains of diapers home by foot/public transport/twin-filled car. We just tap and swipe a bit on our phones, and it all takes care of itself.

The service costs about the same as a round trip by tram. Minus the pain and sweat. Win-win!

Well, almost.

On Monday evening, the awaited delivery man arrived, hauling half a dozen boxes filled with our online groceries and silently followed by the raised eyebrows of passing neighbors. Delivery at our doorstep is always a complicated operation, sometimes involving several elevator rides. (Our building has a small elevator!)

Once at our doorstep, the production line ran smoothly: I greeted the delivery man at the door, and passed on bag after bag to our toddlers who definitely weren’t going to miss out on being part of all this fun. Always the eager helpers, they emptied the bags faster than a squirrel could chew chestnuts.

Hubby was at the other end of the production line, packing away the items our toddlers were handing him. Quite frankly, he was struggling to keep up with their incredible pace. The delivery guy left eventually and we kept unpacking. There was so much stuff! Quite different from my before-kids days: we are definitely a family now, making family-sized purchases.

And then I heard, “But what is this?!”

I abandoned my position, halting production (our little managers weren’t too happy about this improvised break and complained a little), and popped over to the kitchen. Hubby was standing there, mouth agape, holding several bags of bananas. So many bananas!

“What the… butterfly?” (Our toddlers are learning to speak, imitating us. Better watch my language.)

“Did you order all these bananas?”

“No way! Did you?”

“No! I only ordered five. But… hang on… remember the other day when we were looking at the app and it said we had ordered 42 bananas? Then we fixed it to 5. Hmm… let’s check the receipt…”

Sure enough, the receipt confirmed we hadn’t bought 5 bananas. Nor 42 bananas. It said we had ordered 24 of them.

There it was, in clear writing, 24 bananas. Interesting…

We spent the next day wracking our brains as to what dishes we could prepare to use up all the bananas. Our conclusion: none. It happened to be Vappu that day, the Finnish spring holiday (aka May 1st) and we had other things to do than cook bananas. (I did make a berry-and-banana smoothie. The twins liked it.)

Seeing all those bananas on my kitchen counter, I really don’t feel like eating bananas anymore. Probably ever. Just the sight of them has me fed up. They are still there, turning browner by the minute, like a ticking alarm clock.

So, what else could I do? Obviously, I needed to pass the blame onto someone else, so I gave the store some feedback, digitally of course. After all, the two of us – hubby and I – both agreed that we certainly didn’t order this many bananas. The amount had changed by itself all of a sudden.

In my feedback email, I lamented that the food was going to waste because it was a quickly perishable product and there was no way we could consume them all. And that they needed to fix the glitches in their app. I tried to be polite but to the point.

The store replied to me today.

Their email said, “What a shame that you received too many bananas.”

And, “We’ll give you the money back in the form of bonus points.”

I had to laugh at the response!

Getting my money back in play money and star stickers is funny enough. (They were organic bananas and the bill was 10 euros but that’s not the point. If they offer online purchasing, it needs to function.)

What really got me laughing, though, was the first sentence in its simplicity. “What a shame that you received too many bananas.” 

As someone who used to read a lot of customer feedback emails for a living, I can just imagine the eye-roll going on as the person was typing this reply.

“The things people complain about! They got too many bananas, oh poor them! Don’t they have anything else to do but to write to us? Always something wrong!”

(Not that I’ll admit to ever rolling my eyes at customer feedback – the customer is always right, and I mean it quite seriously.)

Yes, this is just a first world problem. A digital world problem, too. But in a couple of days I’m going to throw away two dozens of brown and smelly bananas and it makes me sad to waste them like that. Someone far away grew them, someone else sold them, someone else shipped them, and so on. And all for nothing. To be thrown away.

So roll your eyes, I don’t mind.

Does anyone know of any good recipes for brown bananas that have almost gone bad?

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Somehow I’m not eating much bananas anymore. But when I did I used to love the brown, soft, sweet ones that almost walked away by themselves. I just read you can put them in the freezer. Use them in pancakes (!). Or pastry. Eat seven and get drunk. ( 🙂 ) In yoghurt with some nuts. But then 24 maybe indeed is a bit much. 🙂

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Ahh, what a tale! 😀 Do you need a mental dentist? (I loved that wall!) Internet is your friend! I know that you don’t like to cook but this is higher force and she has decided that you will make your first banana dessert! Let’s see, what would I do? Giggle, loud, take photos of bananas, check the order and determine who made the mistake, and then go online and find the yummiest thing that includes lots of bananas. Let’s see: Mmmmm since I DON’T have that many bananas, nor twins, I will leave you the honour. These sound and look like fun and yum. Make your pick:

And make sure you take photos of the end product. You know, for your fans!

And I looove hearing how the boys help and I can just picture them. ❤ Also I loved the repetition of strawberries. Hahhaha! (Ohh, are bananas going to be your theme for your Friday Friendly tomorrow? I think not!) 😀

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Thanks dear! I’ll look up your link! But what do you mean by strawberries?
For Friendly Friday, I have another theme, luckily – I’m so over this banana theme!! 🤣🤗 But hey, it inspired some writing and that’s always fun for me to do!
Ps. I’ve been baking bread rolls lately! And hubby’s been cooking! Yay!

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Yeahh! Great to hear! I’d love to taste your bread rolls. 🙂 You’re right, the most important is what makes us write. And obviously I’d need a mental dentist myself: I was rushing to post the comment and “consufed” (hehe) butterflies and strawberries. 😀 😀 Don’t ask me how this can happen!

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Cool Bananas!! Sorry about the mux up but Don’t throw them away! Freeze them peeled and or sliced in zip lock bags and use them to make milkshakes/smoothies/muffins/cake/ cool treats for the kids to suck on in summer. Our dog loves them too. Yesterday I saw a guy feeding bananas to the large lizards.
As for the internet order, I once got 5 4 litre bottles if orange juice instead of one! I got the same result as you from my complaint.

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you can freeze them…ORRRRRRR, make banana ice cream (six bananas to 1/2 pint of cream blended and placed in freezer)………..oprrrrrrrrrrr, mix the bananas with peanut butter for a sandwich spread that lasts over two weeks in a refrigerator ( 12 bananas and one large peanut butter jar)……banana bread?

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Banana bread. It’s much better made with brown bananas, and you can freeze the loaves to save until you’re ready to eat one. Plus, sooooooo yummy. I can send you a recipe if you need one.

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Sorry you received too many bananas sounds like typical customer service jargon. First acknowledge the customer’s pain w/out taking any blame. I’d probably make banana chips or dehydrate them.

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Ah, banana chips, that’s a great idea! I’m getting inspired by all the suggestions here and will definitely use them, not throw them away! As for the response, yes: ridiculing the customer ”Poor you…” might seem like an appropriate response when you read dozens of feedback emails a day, but when you’re the customer you’re not too impressed!


Funny post, but serious now you can freeze your probably just right bananas for Banana Bread, or pancakes later. Just toss them in the freezer skin on then when you’re in the mood to bake thaw them out in a bowl peel mash them and add them to the batter. Yum!

I love bananas, but sometimes can’t eat the bunch so freeze the ones that get too ripe and bake banana bread with them later when I have 3 or 4.

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I vote for peeling the bananas, cutting them into popsicle size pieces, stick a popsicle stick into each piece and then freeze them (without touching). When they are solid, melt some of your favorite chocolate, dip each banana piece into it and re-freeze them until the chocolate is hard. Then pack them into a freezer bag and enjoy a popsicle now and then with those hardworking boys! 😋

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Copy-paste and then edit, I’d imagine. Many companies over here use bots for these things these days – which shows a short-sighted lack of interest in improving customer experience (which affects competitiveness and results).


I like your random photos, kind of like the random number of bananas you got. I’m on board with the freezing option. Then pop some frozen banana into a blender with milk and ice cream. Mmmmm. Banana bread is also good as is banana cream pie, but not if the bananas are too brown. Gotta stop. I’m getting hungry!

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What a fun post, even though it was also a bit annoying. The comments are just as great. I love people pitching in with ideas what to do with all those bananas! I would have suggested freezing them too! Good luck, haha!

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Banana bread for sure; it’s always my answer to too many ripe bananas (although I have never had 20+ of those lying around!). The peel-and-freeze idea is also good and will be great for smoothies. And if I were going to start a sentence with “What a shame …” I’d finish it by saying “that Finnish people are too introverted to share food”! (I mean your neighbors, not you.)

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Hahah, I love how you completed that sentence! I think it’s a shame too. It would be nice in general to know your neighbors a bit and plan playdates with kids the same age. I’ve never had a neighbor knock on my door. The only time I’ve knocked was when there was a fire alarm going off for ages and I couldn’t place it – no one opened their door and I eventually called maintenance. Introverts as Finns are, everything seems to happen on Facebook. As I’m not on FB, I keep missing out on social events! No one invites people face-to-face. So your comment was very apt!!

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What a coincidence – just yesterday, someone told me about making pancakes with mashed bananas, oats and an egg, optional to sweeten it more with anything else. Try not to let the bananas go to waste! If nothing else, then mash them and put them on the face like a pack – it’s supposedly good for skin :-)..

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What the B…utterfly? 🙂
Bananas was the first Woody Allen film if I recall…
Sorry I read that too late, you can (could) make banana bread. Quite nice.
You can now change your expression to:
What the bananas!

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And it ended up in a halfbaked banana bread?!!!! 😜 Oh dear…
Next time send me some. We eat about 20 bananas per week in our house!!!

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So you used grocery delivery before it became all the rage (i.e. the pandemic). Nice.
Your bananas are surely dead and gone, but I wanted to let you know that you could have frozen them for future smoothies. Bananas are weird. We go through phases. Eat a lot of them and then all of a sudden, we become tired of them, and they go bad…

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Yeah those bananas are long gone but I did end up freezing a few for smoothies! The delivery app also works better now, whether they wanted feedback or not, hahah! And yes, we are always ahead of the trend in my household 😉 just kidding (but really, we were!)
Take care!

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I’m so happy you read this post, Amanda, because it’s so rare for people to check old posts! 🥰 Frozen bananas in smoothies: check!

How are you? We are celebrating Finnish “Vappu” at the moment, a sort of spring picnic fest. Except picnics are bannes this year due to Covid.


We don’t have a communal garden or any greenery, but we have a tiny urban, concrete courtyard. It doesn’t get any sunlight and it’s a windy spot so it’s not a very enjoyable place to hang out, nor does it have much for kids. We do have several kids’ playgrounds at a walkable distance though


Well, as I’ve said before, the winters are way too long here. This year it’s lasted already 8 months. Ir should be spring but it’s barely above zero and we’re still wearing winter clothes. And even when it is summer, there’s nothing to do, like nowhere to go swimming, unless you are lucky enough to own a second home in the countryside with private lake access. Many Finns are that lucky and don’t realize how priviledged they are. But for us who don’t happen to own two residences, there aren’t that many summer activities here that we can participate in and I feel like a big chunk of enjoying life is missing…


Well it’s like I’ve been saying for years: if you’re lucky enough to have a lakeside cottage, life is grand. If not, then too bad. The lakes are public but getting access to them is quite hard if you don’t have your own little beach. I’ve never experienced the Finnish lakes at all, for this very reason.


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