What’s Up? I’ve Been Blogging

Some of you have told me that you’d like to know more about me. So this post is about some recent news in my life… that have to do with blogging! I know this isn’t exactly what you guys meant, so I hope I don’t bore you!

It became quite a long post, so here’s a quick summary: this post includes a doppelganger, spammers, and some basic tips for improving your blog’s performance!

From a trip to the Dominican Rep., 2008

Things that have been going on with my blog lately

Most of you don’t know this, but I’m actually fascinated by the mysterious world of internet marketing and search engine optimization!

I already have a marketing background and last year, inspired by blogging, I decided to do some additional studies in the field of internet marketing (while working my day job, of course).

I’ll admit, I’ve been stubborn about social media. I don’t like mass hype in general and I left Facebook years ago when it started becoming something like the old yellow pages, its existence being taken for granted by companies too lazy to set up a real website.

So you can imagine my shock when I realized, naively too late, that studying internet marketing would require me to create accounts for at least Periscope and Twitter, in order to complete the assignments!

What, social media assignments? What has the world come to? Oh yes. Our Periscope assignments involved filming and broadcasting on the streets, which invariably meant capturing innocent bystanders in live videos, so very much against my ethics. I felt like I couldn’t make my viewpoint understood no matter how much I tried: all the other students and teachers thought it was okay to catch strangers on film, even if you accidentally captured snippets of personal conversations and then broadcasted them all over the world… I had to think hard to come up with locations to shoot that would fulfill the assignments but have minimal effect on bystanders. (A privacy nightmare!)

To sum it up, I endured multiple Periscope experiments for the sake of research, but the moment my studies were done, my account was deleted like swiping away a fly.

As for Twitter, I actually liked it and I started an account for my blog.

Also from the Dominican Republic

Surviving social media

I’m surprised at how I adapted to Twitter, considering all of the above. The fact that it’s not too personal is what attracts me. It’s a great place to share other bloggers’ posts – besides, social media links reinforce your search engine rankings.

Since I have mainly travel-themed followers on Twitter (other travel bloggers, travel related websites, etc.), I’ve noticed there’s also lots of commercial junk there. Many Twitter accounts appear to be automated, as in there’s no real person behind the account or the real person doesn’t actually ever visit the account but curates it through automation, and there are robots and spammers, too. Even non-spammers send automated direct messages to new followers, which is basically spamming, and some people quite obviously buy followers, because who really has the time to follow hundreds of thousands of accounts personally?

If you ignore all that and focus on interesting content, Twitter can be fun.

My Twitter experience hasn’t gone entirely without hick-ups, though. I recently had to change my Twitter username, since I noticed there was someone else using my old nickname elsewhere on the internet. Though this person wasn’t on Twitter, some other users were mixing me up with her (they were too lazy to actually visit my account to check whether it was the same person, before tagging me to posts that had nothing to do with me).

To avoid being mistaken for someone else, I renamed myself, while muttering under my breath, how original a name do you have to come up with to not have an online doppelganger?! 

Luckily, modifying my Twitter identity didn’t affect my followers in any way. I’m now @SnowMeltsSW. Due to Twitter’s character limitations I haven’t been using my blog’s title as my username – it’s too long – I’ve been trying different variations of it. Around the same time, I also updated my WordPress Gravatar to feature my blog’s entire title instead of the nickname I used to have.

As for other social media, I’m still experimenting with Instagram. Though I’m not posting there regularly, if you want to check out my Instagram, it’s thesnowmeltssomewhere.

From Paris, circa 2005

Are you real? – Existential dilemma of the day

A while ago, I realized that I was getting more and more spam followers on WordPress, too. Yes, spam blog followers! Followers who don’t really exist. Blogs that aren’t really blogs, with all of their content featuring the same date. Some of them follow, unfollow, and follow again, seeking clicks to their site.

I did some searches on this and to summarize what I found out, you cannot block a follower. All you can do is report a spam follower to WordPress which will then… do what? Investigate, maybe? But I have better things to do than sit down and report spammers, so never mind. Apparently, most spammers only want to get clicks to their site and are quite harmless. But there is always the “don’t talk to strangers” aspect: a link could potentially contain malware.

This seems sad to me, since I used to always be happy to gain new followers and I always clicked over to their sites to visit them back. And now I can’t be sure if they’re real followers anymore, or just spammers. (Of course, it could be just a glitch in WordPress that makes legitimate followers look like spammers by not providing a link to their site and notifying me instead that “this site does not exist”. Let’s hope it’s just a glitch!)

So, the joy of gaining a new follower has subtly been thrown out the window and replaced by suspicion. If you’re a new follower of mine and I never visited your site, you can drop me a comment to let me know you’re a real, live human being – I’m always happy to check out new blogs!

Well… I would!

Small adjustments for SEO

Studying internet marketing, I learned about SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), conversion, evaluating an online store, and many other things that can be quite interesting from a blogger’s perspective.

So, have I been applying all that I learned to my blog and growing it rapidly?

Umm, no! First of all, I don’t have that much spare time and when I do, I’d rather be posting or commenting, than improving my SEO (as fascinating as it is).

I did do some small adjustments. I mean, if I’m blogging, why wouldn’t I want new visitors, right? Titles and taglines are important for SEO so I worked on that a bit. My blog’s title (The Snow Melts Somewhere) has always been the same, but its original tagline was Postcards from my trips.

Since my title isn’t very descriptive of the content (I don’t blog about snow, quite the contrary!), I figured my tagline should at least be descriptive. Tagline number two (you can see it right under my title) isn’t as poetic as the first one was, but now I do get more Google hits. Some even with the search term travel, which I think is pretty amazing, considering the mind-boggling amount of travel-related websites out there! I’m guessing these visitors’ previous search history has something to do with it. Either that, or WordPress stats are just unreliable.

I also noticed that WordPress has now made it possible to create your own meta description, at least in the theme I’m using, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t available when I first started blogging. A meta description is the short summary of your contents that is visible in search results. It may affect whether people decide to click over to your site or not, so it’s an important part to customize, if you can.

Do you have any great tips for growing your blog? My weekly visit stats are still quite low, so any practical suggestions on how to improve them would be appreciated – besides signing up for Facebook or commercializing my content! (I’ll pass on those, for now!)

This could be a postcard, right? From my trip to Patagonia, 2014

Basic tips

While I don’t pretend to be an expert on any of this, here are a few random, very basic tips I learned through my internet marketing studies that can be applied to free WordPress blogs:

1. For titles and taglines, a small amount of keyword repetition may help your SEO, as well as the simple act of placing important keywords at the beginning of the title or tagline. They shouldn’t be too long, however, keep them under 50-60 characters.

2. Repeat key words in your blog posts, i.e. words you want to target, words you think people will search for. The more specific, the better. But don’t overdo it, keep your writing natural: you still need to write for humans, not for search engines.

Also, keep them relevant. If the bounce rate* for your blog is high, that will hurt your SEO (*in other words, if people click onto your blog, and then quickly leave, this will tell Google your site isn’t relevant to the key words and your site’s ranking will get lower.) Great content is important to search engines, too, believe it or not.

Have I been taking my own advice and doing this? No, I never think of key words when I write a post.

3. When you post an image, click open its properties in the post editor and add a description in the title attribute area. Why? This will help the image show up in related Google images searches, and the image will be linked back to your blog. You might gain new visitors. Also, screen readers for the visually impaired use alt attributes so you’ll be improving their online experience.

Have I been doing this? Not regularly, because I don’t like the visual aspects of the grey text box this creates in my theme when you hover over the image with your mouse. But maybe your theme will react differently.

Chill out! (And pick up your trash) – Maybe not postcard material…

4. Links to popular sites as well as links inside your own blog help your blog’s SEO. Try to include both internal and external links in your blog posts. If you want to know more about this, just do a Google search, there’s an endless amount of articles on SEO and internet marketing in general. Hubspot and this article by Moz.com are as good a place to start as any.

Have I been doing this? Not as much as I could be doing. Why? Because I’ve noticed that most people don’t click on internal links anyway, so I’d only be doing it for SEO.

Participating in blogging challenges and link-ups creates links, though, and I do participate in quite a lot of those. Not because of the links – because I like doing the challenges!

5. When you comment on someone else’s post, people reading the comments might want to click over to your site to check you out. Normally, you would want to encourage this (unless you specifically do not want anyone to visit your site for some reason).

Make sure that your WordPress Gravatar profile contains a link to your site. And remember to update the link if you create a new blog (for example when the old blog has reached its space limit).

6. Remember to visit your own blog every now and then and look at it as a reader would: does it look okay? Is there an empty About-page hanging around, saying “This is an example of a page”? Is there still an example widget displaying the text “Lorem ipsum…”?

Is the blog easy to navigate? If you direct Gravatar visitors to a front page or an About-page instead of your blog posts, have you added links to your blog posts so that your visitors can explore more than just the page they landed on? Is there a follow-button?

You’ll only get followers if you make following easy – make sure your blog has a visible follow button on every page. User friendliness is important for SEO, since sites that are hard to navigate will lead to higher bounce rates as people will leave in frustration. (Obviously, you also want to give your readers a great experience.)

7. If you want to check out your search engine ranking, remember to delete your search history and cookies first. A good method is to use Chrome’s incognito search. Otherwise, your ranking will appear to be higher than it is, since search results are personalized.


I do still have lots of questions of my own regarding SEO for blogs. For example, do the same recommendations apply to both my front page and individual post pages?

I’m also under the impression that re-blogging your own content is bad for your SEO, since duplicate content reduces your Google ranking. But I know that many people do recycle their content, so I’d like to ask an expert about this. – Any experts out there?

Why do I care about all of this? Simply because I think it’s interesting! It’s like its own little micro world with its own rules to follow. You can check out your performance and try to improve. I always love having projects.

Actual postcards from my trips – and a magnet

What about you?

What are your experiences with social media, blogging, and spammers? Have you had any problems like finding a doppelganger and having to change your username?

Do you try to develop your blog or do you just like the blogging part?

60 responses to “What’s Up? I’ve Been Blogging

  1. Wow, there’s a lot to take in here! I found your comments about Twitter interesting. I’m not an overused of social media and have found Twitter to be the least satisfactory. Maybe I just haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. As for the blog, it just gives me a way to use some of the many photos I take and it provides a bit of structure.

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  2. All this is fascinating in its own right, it’s just that I cannot let myself unleash my bestia and parents and everything I might come up with on the unassuming internet world in such an intentional, well-researched and fully planned way. It’s just not proper. 😉 I must be happy for everybody who comes over and happens to like what I like. This is my personal maxim, but for the majority of other bloggers I’m sure this is a wonderfully informative post. And finding somebody else with your excellent blog name must truly suck. I wish it snows all over them. 😦

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hahah 🙂 Well, my blog’s title is unique, as far as I know, it was just the nickname I used that was taken (I’m trying not to type it here). I wanted to abbreviate the blog’s title but now I’ll just keep repeating the whole thing 😉 It’s no big deal! We all have different intentions for our blogs – I guess I just want to keep learning new things, and through blogging, I have. Thanks, MM, for reading! Ciao!

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  3. Great post! And great information on the technical aspects of blogging! I’ve always avoided social media because I have never had a desire to turn blogging into a chore or job. I started my blog for fun, not fame and will continue to do just that.
    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time! I love your travel stories, photography and that I always feel that there is a real person behind the posts! I appreciate not being bombarded by ads and endless self-promotion.
    Some of the technical tweaks you pointed out I will definitely check out, but overall I am happy with my approach.
    Keep up the good work! I am and will remain a big fan of your blog! 🙂

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  4. Hi! Nice post!

    I have no knowledge about SEO/SEM – I actually think it’s very interesting but never took the time to learn more about it. I have noticed when I’m writing on my blog that there’s an ‘advanced SEO’ section, but since I’m using the free version of WP I can’t have access to it. I’m not sure I would use it that much though, as I mainly blog for me and to connect with like-minded people. Not so much for the visits, likes and followers.

    I have noticed the fake blog profiles too, as I also click back to see who are the people liking/following – in case their content interests me, I can follow back and connect with them. But I never thought of the possibility of those being spam and malicious links… I will be much more suspicious from now on!

    As for social media, it’s funny I can’t figure out how to use Twitter, every time I publish something there I feel it’s not natural at all, I always feel I’m promoting myself. I’ve tried a few times to retweet inspirational quotes and images, but I gave up about 6 months ago. Any tips to get back into it? 🙂

    I think from time to time I test different things to see if it changes anything to my stats, although most of the time I don’t think about it and just blog because I want to share (and I know it will reach the usual readers). Speaking of stats, I never understood if they’re reliable… For example, my last post has 17 likes but only 13 views. I wonder if people read + like a post from the WP Reader, would it appear as only ‘liked’ and not ‘viewed’? (because they didn’t actually visit the blog).

    Well, that’s a huge reply! I’m stopping now 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Ines, and thanks so much for taking the time to read this and reply! 🙂 I like the connecting part of blogging, too, and I feel like comments are so great because you get a response, feedback, and conversation! As for Twitter… I do a lot of retweeting and sharing other people’s posts, and that sometimes inspires me to do tweets of my own. Sure, it is very self-promotional, I agree. I only tweet photos because I don’t know what I would say in so few words without a photo! Which isn’t the original way Twitter was used but there are heaps of photographers over there who tweet just photos. Maybe follow some and see where that leads you? Many of them have websites, too 🙂 As for the stats, I think I read somewhere that if people only read posts on the Reader, then it doesn’t show up as a visit to your site. That’s why the stats don’t match. But there have been times when I’ve wondered about them, too…

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    • Thanks for the tips! I like when people use Twitter to share bits of their days, with humor – you know? I wish I could do that, but I feel no one gets my sense of humor in real life.. lol So I can’t imagine on social media 😀

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    • Hi Ines! I’ve been wondering about the likes and viewed thing as well and I recall reading that some people just click “like” on the post on the WP reader WITHOUT clicking it open. Which is just sad 😦 So basically it means they never read it.

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      • Hi Suvi! The thing is that you can read posts from the WP reader without having to open them. I do that… I go to my WP reader and catch up on everyone’s posts in there, so it’s much faster than having to open every single one of them. I just thought it would count as a view too (but I guess not). I think the only way to ‘force’ people to click on the link to open your blog, is to define on the settings that only an excerpt of your text gets featured in the WP reader.

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  5. Great post for bloggers, TSMS. I found re-blogging reduces your appearance in the wordpress reader, so if you are going to recycle your content, make it a new post, and delete the old. Also, I have old drafts that I revisit and the original date is posted if I don’t edit it when I hit publish, so it does not appear anywhere near the top of the reader, if you want to attract new followers. I guess most already know about the number of categories and tags and how that can influence your appearance in the reader. I have recently also found Twitter and other social media very useful. Even so, it is harder to find a wordpress blog than a blogspot one, despite the fact that wordpress is much easier to navigate as a follower and a blogger! Thanks for your tips! I now know about the incognito search!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks, Amanda! I’ve had problems with drafts in the past but I recently noticed what you’re saying here, that if you edit them before publishing, the date gets updated! An annoying thing if you don’t know how to fix that little quirk! 🙂 And I’ve heard that if you buy your domain name and lose the “wordpress” on your url, it should help SEO… but I’m not ready for that yet. Blogspot is owned by Google so they probably prioritize those blogs in searches. I had to start a Blogspot blog for when I studied internet marketing, but I didn’t like it at all – in my opinion, WordPress is much more versatile, user friendly and modern. As for recycling old content… if you delete an old post and it had been linked somewhere, then you create error pages which aren’t good for SEO either… but if the old post hasn’t been linked anywhere, then I guess it would be ok to delete it… This is why I like internet marketing – it’s so complex and mystifying! (Though I don’t like the fact that one company, Google, has so much power over it all)


      • Ah.Excellent point about deleting old content. I had not thought about that. I agree about the blogspot. WordPress is far superior, however, I like the longevity of keeping the wordpress platform, rather than a yearly subscription/domain. I wonder what happens if you fail to pay your subscription – does your blog and all the information disappear, as opposed to free sites that remain. Many years ago, I had a free website – I spent years developing it, but it was a free website, then the “rules” changed and because I hadn’t logged in for several months, it was suddenly frozen and I could no longer edit it, but it stays there on the net, frozen in time!! Do you know what happens with archived wordpress blogs?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yikes, that sounds scary! Considering how much time and love is invested in our blogs, losing control over the content would be quite a shock. I have no idea what happens to archived blogs or if you don’t pay. My blog is a free version because I don’t trust WP’s customer service enough to upgrade – since I live in a small country with no branch office, how would I get in contact with them if something went wrong with the payment or some other problem?? Looking at WP forums, the staff answering are amazingly rude and disrespectful in their answers to customers’ (and potential customers’) questions and it doesn’t inspire trust… unfortunately! Other than that, I’ve very much enjoyed the free blog. But I would like to have a backup of my own, in case something happened…

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  6. I learned a lot from your tips! I especially need to do the one about photo attributes.
    This summer I didn’t write many new posts, but I did go through about half of my old ones and make sure the links were working, and choose a “featured image”. On re-reading those old posts, sometimes I thought, “Wow! You really went on and on there!” and sometimes I thought, “Every now and then, you are funny!” 🙂
    One time I found a way to block those spam followers from getting emails about new posts, but I didn’t go through the whole list of people, and now I can’t find how I did it!

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    • Hahah, I love that mental image you painted of going through your old posts! 🙂 I can definitely see the development in my posts, too, when I look at my old ones. I’ve learned to be more concise, at least. Though this particular post was very long and I was worried no one would even bother to read it! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and joining the conversation! PS. I’ve disabled emails altogether, I only get a notification in my WP dashboard when someone follows, comments or likes. It’s sufficient, because I check in daily anyway!


  7. The lack of ethical responsibility shown by Periscope is mind blowing. I would never take photos identifying a person let alone steal snippets of conversation without first asking permission. I refuse to be tagged on Facebook and would de-friend anyone who did so without my permission. You showed moral fortitude by questioning their dodgy practice.

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  8. A lot of great tips to take onboard and I’m glad someone has systematically thought them through. Thanks also for the definition of bounce rate – knew it existed, but now I have a name for the phenomenon. As far as blog spammers go, I think I get a fair share of followers and, like you, when I check them out in return and their sites don’t look right (if they exist at all), I get leery. On very rare occasions I have also had to delete an offensive comment, but WP spam filters usually pick these up. I love blogging, but you do have to apply a lot of common sense. I have an odd blog title that really doesn’t make sense unless you dig a little deeper into one of my about pages. I’ve thought of changing it, but am now reassured that a more descriptive subtitle will help define the site.

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    • Thanks very much for reading this lengthy post! I’m happy if any of the tips seem useful to you! I guess brand-wise an original title is a good thing, since people remember you. (Even if you’re not a brand, you can still think like one!) As for spam comments, I get my fair share too – and I’m happy WP’s spam filters work quite well! Have a great Sunday!

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  9. Very interesting post and thread of comments. I love using WordPress to both write my own posts and read others. I also prefer posts where there is a real person behind them, other travel blogs might have great content but they appear soulless to me so I might as well read a guide book. Interestingly I have linked my blog to a Twitter account only three weeks ago to see what happens and post some related photos. I hate all those automated messages and self promotions though. Naturally, I love it when people visit my blog but I am not prepared to market in such a way. I also love the interaction between bloggers via the comments section. I’ve been very pleased to find that other readers are like minded, sensible folks with relevant, interesting comments to make. I’ve even met two bloggers which wasn’t ever in the plan but they were both lovely and we will definitely keep in touch.

    Also interesting to read about those ‘ghost’ bloggers. I have occasionally clicked only to find no blog in existence, hope that’s not a cause for alarm. I have a personal Facebook account but I don’t have a blog Facebook page as I don’t want or feel the need to promote my blog amongst my friends as they might not be interested and it wasn’t what I set Facebook up for in the first place.

    I enjoy reading your posts on a regular basis. With kind regards, M.

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    • Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! I know what you mean about soulless travel blogs! I avoid them, too – like you said, I’d rather read a guidebook. My mission is to do something different on my blog. Even though it’s a travel blog, I’m never going to list “5 best hotels” or “10 tips for a long-haul flight”. Considering most of those bloggers haven’t even traveled a lot, since they are very young, it just seems pointless to read those posts. I think when you give away to sponsored posts, that’s when you start losing your personality blog-wise. I wouldn’t mind gaining writing opportunities or career opportunities from blogging, but I’d do my commercial content on some other site and keep my own, personal blog creative and independent. Have you noticed that those “soulless” travel blogs usually don’t get any comments? And if they do, they rarely respond to them? In my opinion, comments are the best part of blogging! 🙂 You can really tell who does this for fun and who does it for money and fame. I really enjoy reading your blog posts, too, and I’m very happy to have met like-minded bloggers here on WP, even if I haven’t met them in real life! Thanks again and enjoy your day!

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      • Thank you for your kind words and speedy response. One thing I forgot to ask you earlier was about backing up WordPress blogs. Have you done this,and what method do you use I.e. Copying posts into Word documents, etc. After we’ve added so much content it would be terrible to wake up one morning only to discover our blogs had vanished! Really nice to interact with you. Hope you have a pleasant Sunday, too.

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        • I haven’t done any backups yet but I’ve read up on it. WordPress apparently does backups for you when you have a free .com blog. And they assure you nothing can go wrong…. But if you have self-hosted .org blog you need to do your backups yourself – how, I don’t know. Maybe on an external harddrive? Depends on the size, I guess. I have a .com blog but I would still like to figure out some form of backing it up – let me know if you come up with a good idea for that! 🙂

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  10. I was drawn to your blog because as your username/title implies you are someone searching for someplace warm whereas I, on the other hand, wants to go explore places with snow. 😂

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hahah 🙂 I’m glad you understood my title correctly, some people have been confused by it! I sometimes think that if I started a new blog, I’d think of a simpler and shorter title. But on the other hand, I’ve grown very attached to my title now! Thanks so much for your comment! Enjoy your Sunday! And I wish you many future adventures in the snow! 🙂

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  11. Loads of great tips here! Regarding twitter, not sure if you know but since the update links and images don’t use up your 140 character limit. It was supposed to be Twitter handles (name) too but so far they still reduce it. Still a bonus though!!
    Great tip about tagging your images for visually impaired, would never have known that. And I’ll try out incognito too – as for spammers… best to ignore. So, so annoying though 😡

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  12. I rename the image title and not just the Alt attributes not help with SEO but not have the visual aspects of grey hover box. Some themes you can click to not show your alt atributes on site – worth having a look on your dashboard. 🙂

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  13. So I’m not the only person who finds SEO interesting! Thanks for the tips. I quit Facebook for a while but rejoined, under a new name, last spring for the blog. It really is a great sharing and promotional tool and I like connecting with other bloggers. Happy travels!!

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  14. Great timing! I’ve just been wondering about all of this but not knowing what questions to ask to get information. Thanks so much for your post!

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  15. What an interesting post Snow! In the beginning I was quite obsessed with numbers and statistics I must admit. I would love to grow my blog but as I’m not looking into having a commercial blog, I have wondered does it really matter. In the end I’m happy for all the lovely real people who follow my blog ❤ I just noticed that I have quite a lot to say about this and in order not to write a A4 of a comment I think your post has inspired me to write a blog post on my experiences 🙂 I will link you ❤

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  16. Pingback: A Year Gone By – Thoughts on Blogging and Social Media – Destination: everywhere·

  17. Great post – thank you for sharing! And the thread of comments is great too, it was interesting to read other bloggers’ thoughts on promotion. Isn’t it wonderful what can inspire us people? Your interest for SEO and marketing is amazing, and it’s fun when you can play with it, not just go hard at it, expecting some great results 🙂
    I found myself in many of the comments above. I share my blog posts on FB and Instagram, which I became a huge fan of. But I do little for promotion, though I have this idea I should be working on it 🙂 I am still exploring, I guess. I have started blogging 10 years ago, in Russian, just for fun, and still do it. This blog was set up for practicing me blogging in English – and see what can follow of it. I too would like to expand my career opportunities by this experiment, I even played with the idea of becoming a sponsored blogger, but I realize that work as 100% blogger is not my ambition really.
    What do you think keeps non-commercial bloggers going for years? The relationship with other fellow bloggers?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think the relationships help, definitely! Some bloggers even meet up. I also love the idea of having a place to be creative – and get feedback. After I started blogging, I suddenly understood why artists want to show their work in galleries and why musicians want to play for people. Not that my writing or photography is huge art, hahah! 😉 But for me, it’s given my creativity a purpose and a channel, which feels great! What about you, what kept you going for 10 years? That’s a long time, btw! You’re a pioneer blogger then! 😊 Was your Russian blog on another platform than WordPress? And Instagram… since this post, I’ve gotten to understand it a bit better and like browsing pics there! 😊

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      • Dear, it IS a huge art, if it is huge in your heart 🙂 Take pride in your work!
        I know what you mean! I have been journaling for years – but blogging is different. The feedback that makes you grow, keeps motivated, asks good questions. That can keep one going. I have read somewhere that every artist must practice in public: musicians play and artists do exhibitions. And for all the writers out there blogging is such opportunity.
        Wow, thank you, because I don’t see myself as some cool pioneer 🙂 (maybe, I should take more pride in it too). My blog was like an online journal. I started it bc I was tired of writing newsletters to my friends while au-pair years. So my friend said to me to start a blog. What? hehe. It was not glamorous then. But I fell in love with writing. And made some few friends through it, even visited one. Then I had a long break (3 years) bc I was too exhausted in my new job, and last year I got back – for the love of doing the thing. It is on Livejourunal which was very popular 10 years ago. It feels very cosy for me to be there 🙂

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