Family Storytelling

Look Again

The flyer said something about juggling and the circus, and I was too tired to read it properly. So when we showed up and there was no circus, you might guess I was a little disappointed.

I asked the info desk. There were two ladies wearing quirky glasses and a very tall, very thin man in a black suit. They all talked in turns, completing each other’s sentences. A circus, you say? What, do you mean the flea market? There’s the circus flea market, that’s all. No other circus here.

They pointed us to their left.

We entered a door saying “Do not wander through.” It was an art gallery, so that seemed a bit odd.

We wandered through it and eventually found a door leading out, and another leading in again. We were greeted by a group of elderly jesters but they weren’t juggling, so we didn’t stop. Our kids waved. The air was humid and we were sweaty.

Up some floors we went, and other kids were coming down, so it looked promising. And then we found the circus. Or actually, its wardrobe.

Green sparkly hats, furry bags, cute piggy heads, an astronaut suit. A family was carrying a large dragon head out, looking absolutely elated. I imagined it decorating a very happy kid’s bedroom.

A girl walked past us with lights blinking from her head and right there, after the wigs and scarves, nestled under a table in a tiny corner with theatre red walls, was a box full of monster masks.

“Mummy, mummy! I want this one! No, this one!


“Daddy, I want this one!”


And so, 6 euros poorer and two Dracula masks and one demon mask richer, we headed into a dark room where a pig stamped my lottery ticket, a rat cheered on the pig that was doing such a good job stamping, and a nice lady served pop corn.

I hope we win those tickets to see the circus.


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I was actually thinking of a drawn kid looking thrilled with his parents carrying out a massive dragon head 😄 I was already picturing him! So that’s funny you mentioned it.

Too bad I’m not that great at drawing. My dad was, though. But I’d need to find someone to illustrate it 😉


Maybe we could do something collaboratively. I don’t draw but I can animate and I’ve been thinking about my next project.

btw… is it weird that I didn’t for one minute, not believe that this actually happened? 😉

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I would do stop motion animation, which involves taking screen shots to make the movie, one frame at a time. The tool is easy but the process can be quite long. You can have a look at the tutorial below.

The first step (which you’ve done ) is having an idea & storyline. Next step is a storyboard where we can play with the narrative. Followed by prototyping/brainstorming on presentation ideas. We can follow-through offline if you want to collaborate. Drop me a line here

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I couldn’t decide whether it was a dream or not. Fascinating that it happened as described. I don’t think I have ever heard of a circus flea market. Or was that a flea circus market? How about photos of the masks?

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It´s ages , I can´t even remember anymore when was the last time I´ve been into a circus..what is actually happening in there? Lol
and what a magic it holds to kids!
We only made it to indoor playgrounds or in local Beer feast where there are many rides, bump cars, and so much more to burn the energy.
I love the humor in your post, kind of remember that whenever we passed by in the street with the Circuy ad flyer—my daughter snapped at me and sais ” mama, there goes the circus again…can we go?”.First was the Spider themed circus, then comes, Mulan, then comes Big Trucks and cars, then Elsa, i wonder what would be the next until we finally make it to see this circus…?

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Oh, we don’t have themed circuses like that! Sometimes maybe a themed ice skating show. Our selection of events and restaurants etc is kind of limited and lacks imagination, I often think, in comparison to large metropolises. Oh well. Let me know when you go, how was it! ☺️


I often think of some experiences or places but I don’t know anymore if I just saw them in a very vivid dream or I really went there. My only way of testing the “reality” (about places) is asking myself the question – “Do I have a picture of that?”, although there have been times that I am sure are real, when I didn’t have a camera. So it’s not a foolproof method🥸. I wonder if this happens with everyone!

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Oh, I have similar feelings about my old travels, when I didn’t take many photos. Can’t be sure if this really happened or that. For example, I think I saw a shooting star once in Italy, but maybe I’m just makinh it up… wish I could be sure about that memory. 🙈

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All well, just not really blogging, except on Thursdays. Not that my life is busy, on the contrary. I wish I could say that I’m writing a book, but alas, sweating at 27 degrees in almost November and not doing much of anything except walking bestia. I always like to come and see what you and your pop corns are up to, sometimes just takes me a while. Be well!

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