Family Storytelling

Growing Popcorn

My kid came home from daycare with a DIY planter sprouting something green and tall. He told me it was popcorn.

“Has someone watered the corn?” hubby asked today. “Look at how much it’s grown already!”

“I watered it the other day,” I said, wondering to myself whether that was a lot of watering or a little – I knew nothing about growing corn. It didn’t sound like much, but the strong, green leaves looked happy enough.

“Corn can grow really tall,” I told my kid. Only the one who brought the plant was in front of me, my other kid was busy with legos. “What will we do if it reaches the ceiling?”

Being the popcorn enthusiast that he is, my kid lighted up at the idea. Eyes sparkling, he smiled, “Then we’ll need to drill a hole in the ceiling!”

“Maybe the corn will make a hole all on its own? It’s shaped like a drill, if you think of it.”

“Well, then we won’t need to drill it. But our upstairs neighbours might look into our home then, and say hello…!

“Ah, but there are no upstairs neighbours, it’s a rooftop terrace, remember?”

“Oh, yes! That’s good, we could place a ladder there and climb up and down easily.”

“That would be fun! But what if someone was walking on the terrace and suddenly dropped in through the hole?”

Laughing, my kid had a thought, “In the summer, we could cover the hole and turn it into a trampoline! But in the winter it would be cold.”

“True. Winters would be hard with a hole in the ceiling.”

This was apparently hilarious and I was only too happy to accommodate the 5-year-old with my juvenile sense of humour.

“We’d be known to all as the popcorn family. We would have so much of it, we’d just eat it all day, every day. Corn would grow through our ceiling and we’d be busy popping it.”


37 replies on “Growing Popcorn”

This is cool! I remember I was happy when I was able to see sprout a chickpea plant from a chickpea placed in a moist cotton ball when I was young 😀. I was absolutely fascinated by the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Ah the joys of childhood – when we can get happy with just about anything. And then we grow older and even the biggest of things don’t seem to bring us that joy of childhood again. I’m happy that your kids are bringing out your imagination 😀.

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Thanks! Kids truly do make the imagination come out, even in us grown-ups. And btw, I’m always fascinated by things that grown in cotton balls!!! How the h**k?! We also have this traditional Easter grass that grows perfectly in just cotton with no nutrients, just water

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Exactly..I have put a cutting of Pothos plant in a jar of just water and it’s growing. I am waiting to see for how long it does so! I have a scientific curiosity about things but what is understood by science is probably not even equal to one needle in a huge haystack! And even if it’s somehow explainable, one wonders about the “why”! And then I give up and just enjoy 😀

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