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Dream Talk (and Photos)

Last night you cried at midnight, do you remember?

Last night you cried at midnight, do you remember? 

Yes, replied one of my three-year-olds.

Did you have a bad dream?

Yes, I did.

What was it about?

Well… there was an ENORMOUS lion (spreading his arms as wide as they go).

And the lion came very close to me, put his face right in my face.

Was that scary?

No. The lion was a nice lion. And then he ended up upside down, like this (showing “upside down” with his hands). The lion was ENORMOUS and then he put his face UPSIDE DOWN!

And was that scary? 

No! (enthused by the storytelling)

What happened then?

Come with me, and I’ll show you (takes my hand). The lion walked like this. Like this! (tiptoes along a corridor)

And he was right here, the lion, walking like this. And then I rode the lion. And the lion did circus tricks for me.

I asked for the lion to follow me but he didn’t. But then a grown-up came and told the lion to come and then the lion obeyed.

The lion obeyed the grown-up in your dream?


So, what else happened?

The lion performed some more circus tricks. And said purrrrr…. (in a hushed voice).

That sounds like a nice dream.

It was!

Then why were you crying?

Smiley face

Well, the lion was ENORMOUS and he put his face this close to mine (our noses almost touching).

So, was that a little bit scary after all?

Yes, it was scary.

No wonder, I would have been scared too if a lion came that close! And that’s when you cried?


Well, maybe tonight you should just dream of something less scary. Like maybe a nice horse. Are horses scary?

No, they are nice (smiling with satisfaction).

Right, so dream of a nice horse tonight, okay?

I will. And ice cream.

Yes, and muffins, too?

Yes, and motorcycles…

Sounds good!

All the while, his brother has been telling his own story simultaneously. It seems he dreamt of a giraffe last night, but he slept well and so it must’ve been a good dream.

That reminds me, I dreamt of a giraffe, too.

The photos are from Suomenlinna, today

60 replies on “Dream Talk (and Photos)”

I love to hear little childrens’ stories of dreams and imagination. My owndaughter was watching videos of her as a 5-year-old just last night and we were laughing so much and saying how cute she was (still is). Your boys sound so sweet dreaming of giraffes and lions. Treasure this time of innocence. It will bring you much joy to look back on in years to come.
And thanks for the photos of Suomenlinnna – amongst the scenes I see images of soldiers in their heavy wool uniforms, performing their drills in days gone by. The contrast of sandstone against the greenery/flowers is magical and has given the fortress a new life.

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Thanks Amanda! 😊 My boys actually love to watch videos of themselves too (already at this age) and they laugh so hard at the cute/silly things they are doing (which is usually the reason I was filming to begin with). They have certain favourites and ask to see them over and over again 😋


Now that’s gorgeous. What will kids come up with and why do we lose the ability to dream the scary along with the wonderful? I think adulthood is a long progression towards losing those sweet and scary dreams, in exchange for visions of cubicles and the monsters that lurk under your desk.

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Hahah! I couldn’t agree more. Cubicle life is so absurd to me, yet that is my current job (I was VERY happy to work from home all spring). Absurd cubicle nightmares might start occurring if we go back to our old work culture after all this is over…


You always do such a good job of integrating photos into your post. They fit with the stories you’re telling. I tend to have a disturbingly high proportion of apocalyptic dreams so the giraffe sounds pretty good to me.

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You have a great way of telling a story. It engages you from the start.
Did you visit the zoo recently?
I enjoy stories told by kids. They are so eager to tell it, often going off-topic. Kudos to you for figuring out what really scared him.

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Thanks for the encouraging comment, hearing you liked my storytelling is the best compliment! Kids are so excited about what they are saying, it’s so cute! (And no, we didn’t visit the zoo! But their bedroom is decorated with exotic animals)

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Thanks Sandy! 💕 I’ve been writing down some memories and filming videos – I think there’ll bemuch more documentary of their early days than our generation had! Still, so many cute things happen all the time that it’s impossible to keep count 😍

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Love love love this story. The lion reminds me a lot of “My Neighbour Totoro”. Are the boys familiar with Totoro? He is my favourite children anime character. Just like the lion, he is enormous and a little scary but he wouldn’t arm a child. He’s the king of the forrest.
I don’t think adults can see him though…

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Wow, sounds like the lion from the dream! (I wonder if dreaming of a lion has a symbolic meaning??) I’ll have to introduce Totoro when they are a bit bigger and can concentrate better. They still get spooked quite easily from things they see so their screen repertoire is quite limited. Thanks for the tip! ❤️

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Even if the photos have nothing to do with the text, I love how you compose your posts, Snow! And sunny Finland is always beautiful, hehehe. I’m sure it must be great to hear those stories and dreams from your little ones… Would they remember they dreams or just make up the stories as they tell them? I still remember a dream I had when I was 3 something and my sister was born, hehehe or maybe I remember what I told my parents about that dream?

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Finland is always sunny in my pics, isn’t it?!? 😋 It’s because I don’t leave the flat if it’s raining 😂 Don’t believe what you see online, people!! But you, Mercedes, have experienced Nordic weather in Sweden, haven’t you 😊 I wonder if my son was making it up or really remembering, but in any case I was fascinated by his sudden display of storytelling skills!


So beautiful! Thank you for sharing such sweet dream descriptions, along with those beautiful photos. I plan to share your post on my site–living vicariously, as I would love to be in Finland right now. I must make do with reading up on your beautiful country and fascinating history (as I work on a historical novel set partly in Finland!) Happy summer–glad you can be enjoying it!

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Thanks so much, I’m thrilled you enjoyed my post 💕💕 That’s the best feedback! How far along is your novel? I wish I could concentrate on creative writing (of an entire book), but at least I can write little bits and things here on the blog! How are your twins? 😊

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Sorry I missed this comment! I’m about halfway through the first draft of this novel, which is a dual timeline/setting with half of the book set during Finland’s Winter War. I just might have to take a trip for research some day! With the research (and kids at home!), this draft has been slow-going, but I can’t not finish it–I need to know what happens! I know what you mean about concentration being hard to come by these days. I try to take one chapter at a time–that way it feels less daunting. Blogging is also a great way to get your thoughts down–your blog is great! And it’s especially nice to connect with other writers during this time. My twins (10 years now!) are great, and were happy to have each other during the isolation due to COVID-19. How are yours? Hope you’re all faring well and able to get out and enjoy your beautiful surroundings!

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I was happy my boys had their twin during our Covid spring, for an only child it must’ve been so boring!!! You are lucky to have such a clear idea of what you’re writing – I’d love to read it when it’s finished! 😊 I enjoy your blog too (though am such a bad follower these days, too little time!) – have a fun weekend!

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You’re welcome. As an empty nester mom, I can tell you that my kids’ minds just keep getting more and more vivid as they mature into young adults out on their own. It’s different, but still vivid. I think you’re on the right track to nurture imagination as much as possible when they’re young!

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