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The Invisible Bright Red Hat

Let’s be pirate elves!

Aye aye, rrrrh!

Two pirate elves – the coolest kind of elves, if you ask me – climb the blue volcanic island that is our sofa, and leap over to the pirate ship armchair that has quietly surrendered to its conquerors. It looks like it might fall apart any minute.

The volume of noise reaches a level acceptable by even the harshest pirate and pillows are thrown. Some almost hit the pile of dishes on the kitchen counter, as I squeal, Nooo!

Disaster narrowly averted, the running and jumping continues. From the corner of my eye, I spot a magazine laid out on the table, open at a page where large letters declare, “The home is, first and foremost, a place for tranquility.” While I’m contemplating this, the loud pirates hit me in the back with a ball.

Sorry, Mum!

Attempting to catch up on my messages, I sit down and take my phone, a maneuver which never fails to immediately draw the kids, no matter what they are doing. They want to take photos, and why not? They have gotten dressed up in Christmas sweaters and Santa’s hats, and I’m a big Christmas fan. Alright then!

One of my four-year-olds starts arranging the whole family in suitable poses, telling us where to sit and how to smile, and quickly resolves close-range framing issues by taking separate photos of family members in pairs. After that, his brother poses for him and he switches over to filming video.

When I grow up, I want to be a photographer! he announces with a proud smile, as he lines us up for another well-planned shoot.

I’m going to become a firefighter! his brother exclaims. It’s a terrific job!

Yes, it is, I say, and it occurs to me that never in a million years has a four-year-old ever planned to become an office worker when he grows up.

I want to be an office worker! Nope, that sentence just doesn’t work.

Suddenly, the future firefighter says, Hey, where did my Santa’s hat go?

At first, I don’t entirely register his question, but then it hits me: where is that bright red hat? Surely I should be able to spot it quite easily.

We start searching… but come to nothing.

It’s harder than it seems! our photographer states.

With all this red we have, it’s easy for it to hide, the little firefighter adds.

Do we have lots of red? I wonder.

The kids love reading Mickey Mouse detective comics, and our hat hunt quickly turns into a detective mystery. What would Mickey do? We try to trace the steps of the missing hat.

See? At 18:29 you were still wearing the hat, I say, showing the photo evidence conveniently captured on my phone.

But at 18:38, the hat is missing. Look at this picture here: you’re no longer wearing it. So, it disappeared sometime between 18:29 and 18:38. And… hang on… that’s when you took a shower!

Triumphantly, we check the bathroom, but it’s not there.

The hat has disappeared like a magic trick.

We search everywhere. Kitchen cupboards, behind the radiators, in the shoe shelf, under the sofa, above the wardrobe, inside the washing machine. Nope. I even check the fridge, the usual culprit for missing keys, and the clothesline, in case it had fallen between the folds of a throw blanket that’s drying there. I try to focus on the red things I can see around me, glancing around our living room: elf, elf, elf… (the boys have received plenty of elf decorations as gifts)… a couple of red books, elf…

It really is a mystery and we might need a professional detective. Do you have any ideas where it might have gone?

38 replies on “The Invisible Bright Red Hat”

A proper mystery!! 😮 Can it be hiding in the other Santa hat (I assume you have two)? Is it under the rug? Do you have it on your head, or in your pocket? Has anybody hidden it on purpose and is now giggling? 🙂 Funny that they get excited when you take your phone. My dog lies down when I take mine, because he knows we are not going anywhere yet. 😀 Also, excellent career choices. This was a lovely transfer of your home environment for us. Thank you.

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You weren’t wearing it were you? Mostly when I have lost something I’m wearing it. Glasses, gloves, slippers, the newspaper (don’t ask where and how I wear the latter). But photographic evidence is something we didn’t have as children. I remember playing cowboys and indians. The rule was: when shot you are dead for 60 seconds. Not everyone had the patience to be deceased that long, so they got up after, say, 20 seconds. Always then someone shouted: You are still dead! Answered by: No! I was shot 5 minutes ago! No you weren’t! yes I was! Etc. In those cases some imagery would have been very welcome. 🙂

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My kids are already of the generation ”If it’s not on camera, it didn’t happen”! Like if I say I saw something interesting today or when I was a kid I liked this and that, their response is, ”Show me the photo, please!” 😆
But now I’m really trying to imagine how exactly you were wearing the newspaper! As a hat? Coat? Shoes? 😁

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What an adventure! When something goes missing mysteriously, I usually find that the best way to find it, is not to search for it. As mysteriously as it disappeared, it eventually mysteriously appeared in no time. Hehe, if this doesn’t work, I suppose its time to call Inspector Gadget! 😀 I like the first photo, intriguing!

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Blame the resident poltergeist aka Mr Nobody. He frequently hides things in places you would never dream of looking. Not in the clothes hamper?
There was no mobile technology when my kids were small but if I picked up a book to read, it would be like a magnet to my daughter who would do anything to get my attention off reading.

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It’s amazing, the reverse psychology of ignoring a kid for a minute! When most of the time we are together and doing things, the moment I want to shower or enjoy a peaceful sandwich, they need my attention! 😁😍 Oh, and I just found the hat 5 minutes ago! It was in one boy’s bed, been there since yesterday apparently! Cuddly to sleep with, why not?!


Hah! The poltergeist decided to give the hat back!
I could say I am reminescing fondly about those days of rapid showers, but I can’t. Since those days, I have been labelled the Queen of the 3 minute shower. Hairwashing or a longer shower had to wait until hubby came home!

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What a delightful photoshoot! I wish my kid behave like that, she doesn´t like to be photograph by her Mama and most of her photos are twisted! I remember that shadow photo , the other umbrella looks like a sword..and your hood likes the mask of Darth Vader…see I am using my imagination as well.
Take more shadow photos..they are fun!

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This shadow pic was such a surprise, we were walking past this wall in rain and I noticed us 😍
Both my kids like to take pics and are quite talented for 4-year-olds, if I may brag a little! 😋 One of them also likes to pose and the other couldn’t care less! Or if he does pose, it’s always a funny face!


Oh, this would drive me bonkers! I was one of those moms who never (permanently) lost anything. I made my kids look and look and think back and retrace their steps until they found whatever it was they lost, whether it was an expensive winter jacket or a dumb pen. Why? Looking back, I have no idea!

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I usually manage to find lost things easily, too. It’s actually good exercise for the memory, heheh!
The hat mystery was really bugging me until a few minutes ago: I found the hat in one of the boy’s beds, under the blanket! Maybe he hid it there like a squirrel and then forgot about it himself?!

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I was going to suggest looking in the hamper. Since he took a shower, it might have gotten mixed up with the dirty clothes. But, I see that you found it in one of their beds. I’m glad the mystery is solved. It was fun reading about it and imagining the photoshoot. They sound quite smart!

” it occurs to me that never in a million years has a four-year-old ever planned to become an office worker when he grows up.” Ha! Yea, not a very popular kid’s dream at all.

The cover photo is awesome!

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The hamper was definitely a hot suspect, which is probably why I failed to search their beds!
As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut or ballerina – I didn’t even know office work existed!
I like the photo, too, it was unplanned but I’m glad I managed to capture it! Thanks, Sam! 😊

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