Finland Photography

Helsinki in December

This time, I’m just posting some photos.

Merry Christmas!

53 replies on “Helsinki in December”

Great selection of photos. Love the nighttime shots, or possibly late afternoon in your part of the world! The waterfront sparkles a good deal more with the lights on, and I liked the sheepskins on the cafe seats. Do people sit outside this time of year?
I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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Hah! We cheated and bought baked parts that just needed assembling and decorating! The kids did the decorating – definitely the best part of having a gingerbread house, if you ask me!
As for the weather, it was -12C today and with the wind factor, the weather report told us it ”felt like -20C”🥶 Merry Christmas!

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You take some lovely photos! And I enjoy posts like these, because I’ll just imagine being in your part of the world, so I do stare at each photo for a good number of seconds, lol. Looks cold and nice, which is a far cry from my tropical Malaysia.

Anyhoo, saw that I had linked to this post, but never really commented on it. Thanks for this post!

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