A Stroll in Tallinn

There are ferry services from Helsinki, Finland to Tallinn, Estonia and they are popular. Like Mrs Suvi, I’ve been to Tallinn more times than I can count. I sometimes go to a spa when I’m there, sometimes I just want to have a walk and have some nice cake! The old town has plenty of cafes.

My latest trip was a fewย weeks ago on a sunny Saturday – traveling with my brother, this time.

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Oh, how lucky you are! Well, everyone is Europe is lucky because you have other countries and cultures right next door … but anyway, I loved Tallinn and you described it perfectly as a combo of Soviet, Hansa-town-ish and even Swedish/Nordic influences. Such a cute little city. Thanks for taking me back there through photos!

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Hope you get to return! It’s also nice just before Xmas, there’s a sort of Medieval themed local market in the center with mulled wine, cute woollen socks etc on sale!


For a coffee break (fika – do I remember right that you’re Swedish?), I like Cafe Josephine and Pierre Chocolaterie

The decor is interesting there, too.

For lunch/dinner, I’ve heard this restaurant’s good but I haven’t been yet (going there soon)

I mostly do cafes when I’m there, and just stop in randomly to places I come by. I’ve probably never been disappointed (except sometimes in the service – but never in the food!)


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