Mediterranean Blue

The sun is hot, the sea sparkles – the Mediterranean beckons, and you answer

(Just came back from Italy – the photo is from Corniglia, Cinque Terre)

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Yes, there are other posts coming, I took like 5 million photos! 😜 Just haven’t had time to write anything yet. This was my first time there. It was more touristy than I expected – I thought there would be lots of locals coz it was a Sunday, but in fact it was full of foreigners (like me – I’m not judging, just saying!). And I didn’t see the iconic houses on hills… and it was too hot to hike the trails. But I got some colorful pictures, visited 3 of the towns and had a fun day with my friend!

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Gorgeous! I’ve wanted to visit Cinque Terre for some time. It looks like our summers will be spent on a sailing boat in Finland from now on though! So I look forward to your photos and making a virtual trip that way. 💕

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Thanks, Suvi! Sailing sounds amazing and like a great way to be outdoors. Cinque Terre was on my list ever since I almost visited it in 2003, went to La Spezia but not further! Have to say though, it was more touristy than I expected! But I got some colorful photos, coming up soon ☺️

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