Cute House in the Shade

House in Willemstad, Curaçao

I spotted this picturesque house in Willemstad, Curaçao.

Another one of those cases where I can’t stop thinking of who lives there. Maybe it’s not even lived in, it could be used as an office or be some kind of a museum. It looks like it could even be part of a school which continues behind the fence, where I can’t see from here. Or it might just be empty.

For some reason, it looks like a happy house to me. Nothing bad could happen there. Maybe there’s a lush, well-tended garden with mango trees and hummingbirds, where an old couple sip a local version of lemonade in the quiet shade of the trees.

The old man’s friends come over each day at noon to play some checkers. Meanwhile, his wife slips off to the hairdressing salon, not because she needs her hair done, but for the catching up.

In the evenings, they sit in the garden together and listen to the red and green parrots. They have an ongoing little competition of who can spot the most birds. Usually she leads – her trick is to spot the colorful ones. What she doesn’t know is that he lets her win, just to see her smile.

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Thanks Gerard! We only spent a couple of days in Curacao, jetlagged, then flew to Aruba where we spent a month. Would love to go back and next time explore Curacao more, and Bonaire which we skipped. But the Dutch influence was very apparent, it was also something that made hanging out in Aruba so easy. It was exotic but it also felt like Europe, like home 🙂

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