First Anniversary – With Lots of Pictures

It was the 8th of February last year when I started this blog on a completely spur of the moment decision.

The blogging world quickly swallowed me whole.

Since then, WordPress and I have been inseparable. There have been happy times, confusing times, and everything in between.

In retrospect, it was an uncharacteristically great spur of the moment decision.

A gallery of photos posted last year, one for each month

After introducing my blogging goals in my first post, I started off by blogging about Argentina, which was my most recent long trip.


One of my favorite experiences in Argentina was going whale spotting, which I wrote about in My Whale Story.

You can find the posts from Argentina and other places that I’d most like to showcase grouped into the different menus of my blog: click away and explore!

If you don’t feel like exploring menus, here’s a short, personal Top 3 list:

Spot The Second Tail
Things That Only Happen While Traveling
Crocodile Shoes, Pizza, Italy

Explaining the title and tagline

Like postcards, my travel posts can be short or long, shining the spotlight on an image or a moment.

The idea of this blog was originally formed around my never-ending desire to stay warm and visit sunny places, since I somehow ended up living in a place where summers are way too short (though beautiful).

Though it’s still winter here, surely the snow must’ve melted by now somewhere else in the world. Where should I go next?

So I started blogging about past travels, re-living the best moments.

But I quickly discovered photo challenges, too, and became something of an addict.

My very first photo challenge entry was Dreaming of Orange Summer Evenings. What a newbie I was back then! I edited and edited that gallery.

Lately, I’ve been tempted to adjust my blog’s direction towards doing more photo posts that aren’t travel-related, but just photos in general.

I started a series called Local Discoveries, which is a nature photography theme I’ll be serving up every now and then, as a sort of side dish.

Blogging has been so much fun! Thanks, guys, chicos, les amis, ragazzi, tack så mycket, kiitos!

56 responses to “First Anniversary – With Lots of Pictures

  1. While in Argentina, did you go to Mendoza? I remember taking the bus through the Andean mountains to Chili’s Santiago. A wonderful trip. I wish you a happy anniversary and may we enjoy many travels and photos yet to come.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! We didn’t go to Mendoza or Chile. I can imagine Chile must be great, so many people have recommended it. There are enough places left to see for a second trip! We did tour the country north, south, east and west, but it’s huge.


  2. Congratulations on your first year. Blogging is quite addictive. But loads of fun. I have chosen a few directions for my blog. Perhaps you will too. It is a living, evolving kind of thing!


    • I love the fact that over here, I’m my own boss and I can do what I want 🙂 So maybe I might change my blog’s course just a bit… we’ll see. It’s liberating to be in charge, for once. And yes, blogging is very addictive!

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  3. Lovely photos you have here. It is a great achievement for having blogged for many years now. To date, it is just my 11th month and following your example, I would probably share some photos of my year too.

    Liked by 1 person

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