Spot the Second Tail

These cute, determined little fellows are coatis and they’re all over the Iguazú Falls area.

Coati sitting

There are also warnings everywhere not to feed them because they are not shy and might give you a nasty scratch while stealing your snack.

I turned my back for a moment and found one with his nose in my zipped-up bag.

Coati walking and its shadow

Edited Feb 2017 to include a link to Daily Post’s challenge, themed Shadow

12 responses to “Spot the Second Tail

  1. They are cute:) Looks much like the ones we saw in Mexico. They were pretty bold and I remember one stealing an apple out of a lady’s beach bag! 🙂

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  2. Such cute little hairballs…. from a distance. I love the tail in the photo below. It seems straight but the shadow reveals something else – possibly a reflection of the two-sided nature of the animal itself?

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    • Hello Hanna 🙂 I’m glad you noticed – and you put it well into words! The first photo makes me smile but the second photo is more determined and has a sneaky shadow – like Peter Pan’s maybe. I didn’t draw the connection between the animals’ nature until you said it – you’re spot on!


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