Silence in Lapland

For some Christmas mood, photos from Finnish Lapland, January 2014. They are from a ski resort village called Levi – the nearest airport is in a town called Kittilä.

Lapland was magical and majestic. The snow-covered trees looked beautiful in their stillness. What I loved the most was that it was very quiet there; at times there was just complete silence. Time felt frozen, in a very good way.

You noticed yourself start to slow down and detach from the busyness that rules your normal day.

I hiked up a hill to this cafeteria – it was actually open though covered in ice!

We stayed in Lapland for a week and during one or two days we experienced some very cold temperatures of -38 °C! The batteries in our cameras froze and we discovered the limits of our California-designed, Chinese-made phones’ tolerance to cold. Ski lifts were halted and snowboarding had to wait.

Not that I was there for winter sports! As my regular readers might know, I’m more of a summer person. I was just there to take in the scenery, get massages at the beauty spa, drink hot chocolate with a book, and hang out while Hubby did all the snowboarding. I was the one with the frozen camera problem. But it was worth it!

Dressed in plenty (and I mean plenty!) of layers (I recommend merino wool garments), I was surprisingly not that cold outside, except for my face. The part of my face that I couldn’t cover warmly was the part around my eyes and I felt like my eyeballs were going to freeze.

Stairs to the café

Dressing and undressing while going outdoors and indoors took a lot of time. It might be above the Arctic Circle, but the moment you came indoors with all those clothes, you started sweating.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see the Northern Lights. So we’ll be going back one day.

Contrary to the lukewarm and grey winter weather in southern Finland today, Lapland in north Finland two years ago was white, with colorful skies. More photos coming in my next few posts.

Merry Christmas!


42 responses to “Silence in Lapland

  1. Ooooh, dear, these are wicked, especially that light under ice. The cold of such scale is not something I can imagine. The most I did was -18, I think. It felt quite enough, thanks! But I believe that the silence and magic deepen with each grade. 🙂 Merry Kissmass and Christmas too.

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  2. That looked so nice. I can feel the silence. Typical that the Coke machine wasn’t iced over.. Surely, no one would drink a coke in Lapland? I know it is not cold in Finland right now. We had 34 c a few days ago and yesterday it was 13c and we had the heaters back on. Australia too has strange weather patterns.

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    • That’s a big change, from 13 to 34 in a few days! Strange. I think the Coke machine photo is funny – I have no idea why it hasn’t iced over. It can’t be plugged in? And no, I wouldn’t drink a cold coke in that weather! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


    • Haha! 🙂 It really was very relaxing to be in this sort of frozen wilderness bubble, so out of the ordinary. Kind of like when you go on a beach holiday and do nothing – except the opposite! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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  3. I reckon that Coke must be similar to anti-freeze!! I want to say how cool the photos are, but that would sound like a bad DaD joke! LOL! My memories of Lapland are not of temperatures this cold, but something only about 10 degrees warmer than that. I never realized that the cold air could be so painful (after numbness sets in), on one’s ears and nose and fingertips!! Gorgeous photos! Merry Christmas!

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  4. Fabulous photos, and what a beautiful place!. I’m not sure I’d tolerate (physically) temperatures like that for long, but I’d love to go there, perhaps for a weekend, just to soak in the magnificent, snow-covered scenery.

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    • If you could manage to take in the Northern Lights during that same trip, I’m sure it would be very memorable. I’ve never seen them, unfortunately. In any case, Lapland is worth visiting, even shortly! They do trips from the UK sometimes, with direct flights I believe – but maybe those deals are for a whole week. Thanks for commenting 🙂


      • We’re hoping to go to Iceland in September, which is the start of the season when the Northern Lights may be seen. (This is a new development, since some of the children are treating us, for our Chritsmas present this year!) There’s never any guarantee of seeing the NL’s anywhere, but we can hope. But Lapland is now on our list. It’s becoming so hard to proritise holidays – just too many lovely places to go. Your posts this year have been a great source of inspiration, though.

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  5. Ah, Finland! I used to wonder how people can survive that in that cold – mind you I come from a country where 7 degrees C is extremely cold. I love Finland a lot. I have only been to Southern and central Finland but never to Lapland though I hope to visit one day for the summer solstice.


    • It’s way too cold for me too but here I am, astonishingly. I’ve never really been to central Finland and would love to explore nature in different areas, for example the lakes and also see the archipelago. Maybe one day… Thanks for dropping by my blog, hope to see you here again! 🙂


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  7. Beautiful pictures again. 😊
    I know that feeling of ‘eyeballs going to freeze’. Frosty eyelashes, weird feeling in my nostril, black hair suddenly turning white, all were part of my first -31degC experience. Lol

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