Shining Through

Lapland 2014


24 responses to “Shining Through

  1. Picture-postcard perfect! What a wonderful scene. I love the way you’ve captured the low sun. I know it’s low all the time up there, so it’s difficult to guess what time of day it is. I’m sure there’s some obvious sign that I’m missing. It’s gorgeous, anyway.

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    • Thanks! I guess this was at the end of the day. The sun set at around 2:30 pm. This taken at about 12:30 or 1 pm. It’s hard to tell from just looking at it, with the day so short. I was a bit envious of Hubby who saw such incredible views snowboarding out there on the slopes. I can’t snowboard or ski and I’m not too keen on learning, since I’m always cold, so the views I had access to on foot were actually quite limited. Luckily even just looking the snow-covered trees and roads was completely enchanting so I stiil loved it! 🙂

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      • I know what you mean about always feeling the cold – I’d need wrapping up like an Eskimo up there! But it would definitely be worth it. I’ve never been skiing, either, although all our children have, and sometimes I do envy them. Anyway, the photos you took were fabulous, and I’m glad to have seen them.

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