Seeing Adventure

Levi, Finnish Lapland – January 2014

Véro from Uprooted Wanderers talks about Urbex, with adventurous photos, and calls for memories of travel moments that brought joy. I have no experience exploring abandoned urban places, but the day I hiked to a completely frozen cafe came to mind.

It was on a holiday trip to Lapland, the very northernmost part of Finland. I live in south Finland and Lapland is very exotic to us “southerners”! (I doubt they call us that, but it’s fun to look at it from that perspective!) It would be even more exotic for people visiting from abroad, I’d imagine!

The photo is five years old (how did that happen?!) but since it’s very snowy and cold here in Helsinki right now, it seems apt.

In response to Véro’s Around the World Challenge – and if you don’t know her blog yet, I suggest you click over right now: you’re missing out!

60 responses to “Seeing Adventure

  1. Bonne Année Lumi. 🙂
    (January is still permitted for best wishes.)
    I hope you had a pleasant end of of year and start of a new one. I’ve been a bit away from the blogosphere tending urgent matters. I hope february will be better in that respect. Au revoir. B.

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  2. Merci pour la publicité! 😉
    I love your Lapland series so much. Especially the frozen cafeteria. That would definitely be a place for me!

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  3. That looks so cold, but also makes me think of cross country skiing, which I used to enjoy a lot. In the photo, I like the light behind the cafe. Gives it an ethereal feel, I think.

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      • That would be an amazing trip. Sadly we didn’t get to see the northern lights either time in Saariselka, Both visits were at Easter so it was just a little too late for the splendid light show. Hope you are getting into a routine now being back at work and the twins have settled into day care and you are not missing them too much and not rushed off your feet when you return home catching up on the chores.

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