Fire In the Sky

I wasn’t planning on entering Amanda’s Friendly Friday photo challenges myself, since I’m the other co-host, but this week Amanda’s prompt is Revisited and I can’t resist. After all, my whole blog is about revisiting moments and places!

But I’ve also been wanting to participate in Terri’s Sunday Stills for the longest time… So I’m combining both in this post. Terri’s prompt is Fire.

Maui, 2010

I’m revisiting Hawaii, as I so often do when I need to tap into a happy place (at the dentist’s, for example!)… I added some graininess to this sunset photo (fire in the sky!) while editing it, to emphasize it being a snapshot, a fading memory, a moment in the past.

And then I wondered if I should add some more… and I revisited my own editing.

Maui, 2010 – take two, more graininess added

Luckily, I get to revisit Hawaii regularly through Graham’s Island, a blog I very much enjoy following. Graham shares nature shots from his beautiful island along with careful descriptions. I can warmly recommend his blog if you are at all interested in nature photography – he is currently posting about volcanic lava!

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Nothing better!! I agree! I hope I can take my little boys there someday soon. And to many other coconut trees and sunsets, too, not just Hawaiian ones 🙂 Do you travel a lot with your boys? Like I think I mentioned before, we haven’t, because it seems like hard work. But in the future of course we will want to!

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I do take them away every year, and we went to NZ a couple of years back, but lack of holidays, money and having a tempermental ex-wife to deal with all adds up to when I can really! Tell you what 28 hours with a 3 and a 4 year old on a plane on my own agggghhhhh!

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I loved reading Grahams account. So fascinating. Lucky you for having visited such a unique place. Thanks for supporting me and joining in again this week. It was a tempting topic but I hope you haven’t got a dentist’s appointment soon?

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Thanks for the kind words. I shall have to dig out some happy Hawaii photos to follow up the lava destruction I’ve posted of late. I’m going for the first of your two photos versions, something about the colors that draws me in.

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Beautiful entry for the challenge, Snow! Hawaii must be such a wonderful place to visit and revisit again and again!!! (it’s one of those places that are for sure on my bucket list but…. who knows if I ever have the opportunity! hehehe)
I love the color on the second version!

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Ahhh! Why shouldn’t you post when it’s Amanda’s turn? Of course you can, I’d thought it’s natural! I haven’t been to Hawaii and don’t know the blog you mention, thanks. If you ask me, I prefer your second photo. And yes, palms are you!

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Hi Snow 🙂 I really need to update my blog too! I miss being here more often. The topic “Revisited” for Friday challenge is great, I can come up with a post on this topic myself, and maybe will soon. 🙂
The palms, and the fiery sky are probably my favorite combination ❤ I've heard and read and watched how stunning Hawaii is! Maybe I can go there one day. It's been the longest time in 5+ years since I haven't seen the sea for more than 7 months.. I am getting restless but such is life. Hopefully in the spring we'll at least drive to the north of Poland for the beaches and see some nice sunsets 🙂

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But you have Helsinki beaches 🙂 Polish beaches are only slightly better and far from my preferred crystal-clear blue water, but any salty water and sand at this point is fine! Thanks for your encouragement. I miss all of you when I am away for too long – so I have to sign in sometimes hehe! ❤ 😀

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Happy you signed in! I have your latest post open in my computer at home but haven’t had time concentrate on it yet!
Helsinki beaches aren’t nice, I mean the water is polluted and disgusting. The Baltic Sea that is. And the shores have been taken over by geese that escaped the zoo some 5-10 years ago!!! They are aggressive and messy…


That is good. I’ve always thought that was an important part of children’s development. We are after all social animals. And the earlier we start the better. It’s also good to hear, because it means the place is good. treat the children well. “Babies” are an open book. And when they start coming home sad it means something is wrong. 🙂 A bientôt Lumi.

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Yeah, I’ve thought the same thing, that they wouldn’t be happy going to daycare in the morning if they were treated badly there. They’ve learned so many new things there and grown more independent – and it’s been less than 3 months!!
A bientôt, Brieuc! 🙂

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