Warm Winter Woods / Local Discoveries 8

2015 brought a different kind of weather to Helsinki, southern Finland. It seems the whole year’s theme was rain. There was no real difference in seasons either, which is normally one of Helsinki’s strong points. Seeing the four seasons change is normally so energizing, adding a rhythm to life.

But this year, there was no summer, and now winter seems to be stuck in autumn mode. Midsummer 2015 was a shocking 10 °C and hailing – it was reportedly the coldest summer in decades. Now, just before Christmas, it’s still 10 °C and raining!

I took these pictures at a beautiful forest area near Helsinki in October. Looking outside today, it still looks the same out there, except the leaves are gone and so is the sun.

Some people are saying that these missing seasons are already an effect of climate change?

47 responses to “Warm Winter Woods / Local Discoveries 8

  1. Ei näitä säitä ymmärrä, vaikka se olisi ilmastonmuutosta. Luulisi että lämpeneminen tarkoittaisi TASAISTA lämpenemistä vuodenaikojen puitteissa. Tämä nykyinen “ilmastonmuutos” näyttää muuttavan kaikki vuodenajat tasapaksuksi mössöksi ilman lämpötilan vaihtelua. Ei kiva!
    Kuvasi ovat kauniita!

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  2. I like the images but not the fact that Helsinki is stuck at 10 degrees. :p It is getting clearer and clearer that soon nothing will be as it once was. We’ve just caught it, the ‘once’. This makes me happy, if nothing else.

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  3. Beautiful photos! Especially the first one! It’s been a strange weather year here too. Very hot summer (for the Pacific Northwest) with almost no rain. Now we’ve been getting so much rain, that rivers are flooding and landslides are burying houses. Despite what naysayers believe, global warming is real!

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  4. In Turku it is 8c. Back in 1965 it was -34 in the village of Tyni near Voltti. I remember it well carrying fire-wood inside. Lovely fotos. Wished I could be there just for Christmas. We had a heat-wave here but it is raining how. The gardens are happy.

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    • Cold weather like that is something you won’t forget 🙂 My next posts will be about a trip to Lapland almost 2 years ago and it was -38 C there: also my coldest experience ever! Thanks for the comment 🙂


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  6. All these photos are beautiful and show southern Finland as I’d imagined it to ber – lots of coniferous forest and lakes. You do seem to have had a rough year, weather-wise. We haven’t had a good one here, either, but we did have a gorgeous autumn, which partly made up for the miserable summer. Let’s hope you have a better 2016!

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