All Roads Lead To… Coffee

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…. Sleep. Need sleep…

My little one-year-olds love Trivago commercials on TV more than anything else that’s on.

For some mysterious reason, the dark-haired woman presenting hotel prices on an iPad against a white background seems to be ever-fascinating. Whatever they are doing, they stop and give her their undivided attention. (Maybe they are already planning a trip?)

So it’s no wonder Trivago popped into my mind. Several people had suggested I spend a night at a hotel to catch up on some sleep. I didn’t take it seriously, but then I just decided to do so. I scrolled through the hotels in my area, found a great deal and booked it. Voilà! Can check that off my list now.

The day arrived and I had a cold. Almost felt like a fever. A headache. I packed warm clothes with me. Finally in my tiny free-upgrade room with a view (if you moved the lamp and curtains and stood awkwardly in the corner), I fell into a restless sleep. It was worth every penny.

When I woke up, I was warmly dressed under two blankets in a room so cold I wouldn’t have been surprised to see frost. Instead, I saw a large ship pass by. The view was still there. As was my headache.

I was happy about the free upgrade, imagining how my original room might’ve been even colder or maybe it would’ve only had one blanket in a smaller bed.

Random unrelated image from Helsinki

Breakfast was a delight, as I deliberately got there before the crowds. Choices abounded. I had to rub my eyes when I saw that they even had yerba mate, reminding me of mornings awoken in Argentina, seemingly such a long time ago.

What a random thing to offer at breakfast this far north. But I have a tendency to enjoy randomness.

We had some nice hotel stays in Argentina. Less fancy than this hotel but with more character, one could argue. This time, though, I was after comfort, not character.

What makes a good hotel stay? I mused to myself, while drinking the tiniest smoothie from a shot glass. A quick checklist started to form:

-Comfy bed – check

-Not too noisy – check

-Nice view – check

-Cleanliness – check

-Location – check

-Description matched reality – check

This hotel scores well.

What spoils it?

-Too cold in the room and you can’t control the temperature

In an arctic area in the winter, there certainly is no need for air-conditioning.

-No caffe latte for breakfast

Instead of the brewed coffee with cold milk they had on offer, I wanted a hot latte to really warm me up after that cold hotel room. My headache seconded the demand impatiently.

Such a simple wish… and what I got was a small cup of something that didn’t taste good. And it cost 5,50 euros. Not included in breakfast.

As a customer, I feel it’s always the last thing you experience that tints your overall experience the most. Sad to leave the hotel with such a bad taste in my mouth, I tried to remind myself it was just a cup of coffee.

Sure, it was probably the most expensive cup of coffee on the planet, raising expectations to it-must-taste-amazing, but still… it was just coffee. Get over it. Move on. I came there to sleep, not have coffee.

I guess this is why I call myself a coffee addict. I just need a cup of coffee to start the morning right. It’s my good mood fuel. It’s… ah, never mind.

A few years ago, I saw a job ad for a professional sleeper. Someone who tests hotels and reports. The primary task being to sleep in the bed and experience it from the customer’s point of view. Like a mystery shopper – a mystery sleeper!

Next time I see an ad like that, I’m going to apply!


33 responses to “All Roads Lead To… Coffee

  1. I would love to be a professional sleeper. I’ve just returned from a hotel that had a mattress topper in the bed the shape of a hill. I had visions of rolling out of bed onto the floor. I don’t know why it was shaped like that and tried to push it down but it resisted.

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  2. Ahh, I’m glad to hear it went overall quite well, if you disregard the cold room and lack of latte. And yes, your babes are travelling already. 🙂 In no time you’ll be missing them at nights when you’ll be able to sleep as much as you wish. 😉 Lovely hotel with the ibis! Argentina sounds dreamy right now after a week in Slovenia without a single sunray.

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    • Yes I was looking through my Argentina photos to find these ones and all these bright yellow flowers popped out at me!! Wow! I’d forgotten how bright flowers can look in sunshine! I miss sunny weather, flowers and carefree vacations…. wish we had a backyard so we could plant a garden where the boys could play… but we live in an apartment block!

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    • Hahah! I was looking at those Argentina pics and they were just so bright and sunny! That lawn is so green! It reminded me of the special, magical feel Patagonia had, the fact that many of the locals have moved there from Europe some generations ago is kind of fascinating to me. Such a mixture of cultures but still they are now 100% local. Anyway, I didn’t want to name the Helsinki hotel😊


  3. I’ve been behind on blog reading with my kids home for Thanksgiving, but I just found your “rant” post in my inbox. I see it has gone away, but I was able to read it in my email, and it made me feel so frustrated for you! 😦 I am very happy you had this nice night away to ever-so-tinily reward you for your hard work. We have long seen your country and its neighbors as happy, easy-to-live places, but we are starting to read more and more thoughts like yours. Hang in there!

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    • Thanks dear Lexie! 😊 I’m surprised so many people took the time to read it, it was just something I wanted to say but not save. I’m trying to keep my blog positive and a good-mood place! I was just saying to someone else that maybe I should start another blog for rants 😂😂 (or just stop ranting!)

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  4. Professional sleeper sounds wondrous! I would not enjoy a room that was too cold either. If I pay a high dollar amount for food or drinks, I want them to taste better than meh…leaves a bad taste in your mouth. 😉

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  5. I’m glad you got a good night’s sleep, though the cold room would be aggravating. Mind you, I’d rather have a cold room with lots of blankets than a room that’s too hot. I’m with you on the good coffee in the morning. A good dark roast in the French press is a fine way to start the day. Oh, and nice photos to accompany the story.

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    • Thanks Graham! If you like coffee in the morning, there is no way to replace it when it’s missing! Addictive? Yes! Thanks also for your other comment on my ”letting off steam” text, I received it but couldn’t answer. I felt so good just pouring those thoughts into a blog post and having a few quick ones read it, but it’s not something I want to see every time I look at my own blog. So I took it down 😊

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