Grey Twilight

Last week, we had a team building afternoon at work. We spent the afternoon in the very nice rooftop lounge of the Radisson Blu Seaside hotel. Before I left, I stepped onto the balcony to have a look at the view.

It wasn’t even 4 pm and the sun had already set. I always have to see the view wherever I go, and this time I’d really been looking forward to it.

It’s the darkest time of the year. People wear reflectors on their coats and bags, for safety, so cars can see them when they cross the street.

The other day, the wind was 11 m/s. It sent a chill right down to your bone and pushing a double stroller along was excruciating. Pavements were icy and slippery, too.

At daycare, my one-year-olds (and all the other kids) played outdoors for an hour – not once but twice. They are already tougher than me!

Hope you are well!

46 responses to “Grey Twilight

    • Hi there Marion! Yep, I’m so happy December will give the little ones a few extra days at home! They still haven’t adjusted to daycare and cry like they are being abandoned… but it’s only been a week! Everyone says they’ll adjust so I guess they will… ”and soon they won’t want to go home!” someone said 😆 Returning to work has gone pretty ok, but wow there is so much more going on in my life than there used to be! Phew…!
      Looking forward to Xmas already? Hope you are well?! 😊

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  1. Like you I love to go up and be able to overlook the place. It’s grey over here as well. But not cold anymore. Past two weeks were cold! Winds from Siberia howled over my poor little country that is used to mellow winds from the south-west. (I do dramatize a bit, but you get the drift). Children are fearless little creatures. 🙂

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    • Oh poor little Netherlands 😊 Over here it’s what you’d expect this time of the year. They are saying it’ll be a black Xmas this year… then again my iPhone says it might snow this week. Who knows! (I hope it snows because I have some snowy pics from last winter I never posted – they feel like false marketing if I post them when there’s no snow!) 😊

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  2. Brrrrr. Our kids went to school in a very cold climate from early childhood, and they were sent outside at least twice a day for recess all bundled up. I was always glad they got their fresh air dose there so I didn’t have to go outside and play with them – haha! Enjoy your cozy home in these dark days.

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  3. Fabulous pictures! You caught the beauty of the winter landscape of Helsinki perfectly. I could see the cars driving in different directions but still, the pictures give me a serene feeling of winter. Hope you’re well too 😊🌸

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  4. I’m not much of a city person anymore, but I do think city lights are quite beautiful. Your photos capture that and I love the boats moored next to the busy highways. Not sure I could hack the cold and dark though. Good luck with that.

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  5. Those views are beautiful. I could do without biting though! That always seems to be the part of cold weather that I can’t handle. It’s funny how our kids adapt to their weather environment. We moved to Virginia from Florida 5 years ago. I still have issues with the cold and they are completely fine. lol.

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