Mind Tricks

This year, Christmas magic has found me early… despite it being so dark in the afternoon that my body could swear it was midnight…

From Helsinki, today

52 responses to “Mind Tricks

  1. Thanks for the tour. I want to say I like the night shots, but I guess they’re afternoon shots. I particularly like the green (not mean) streets of Helsinki and your Christmas street. Oh, and the urban mountain. What is that? Too early to think about Christmas here though retailers have long since disagreed with me.

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    • Hahah, yes they are afternoon shots!! But it felt like midnight. We kept wondering why were strolling around town with our one-year-olds in the middle of the night and needed to remind ourselves that it was only 4pm! How odd. Your eyes tell you it’s night and your body gets sleepy, but you just had breakfast and finally managed to get out of the house!!
      The little hill is a new structure that belongs to a new museum in an old building they renovated on the inside. The exterior was luckily left as it is, it’s my favorite building in downtown Helsinki! Functionalism and neon signs. I just like it, don’t ask why! The museum is:
      I haven’t visited it yet.

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  2. Even when it seems the merchants and chambers of commerce are pushing things with the early Christmas decorations, there IS something warm and comforting about it as the days get shorter and darker!

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  3. These are beautiful photos! I always have a hard time with the transition from summer into autumn, and how quickly it gets dark in the day, even though I’m in Cairo and still enjoying mild weather and some sun. It always feels like the day is over and I haven’t done everything I’d like to when it gets dark.

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  4. So Christmas lights are officially on in Helsinki? Here in Zurich we have to wait two more weeks… But shops have been decorated already for weeks! So I guess the Christmas spirit is already here too…. I can feel it so much that I already put the Christmas tree in my living room!!!! I keep telling myself and others that I put it so early because we’re going to Spain soon, like mid December… And our parents think that we’re old enough to not having a Christmas tree… I miss it so much that I decided to put mine earlier and enjoy it before going to Spain, hehehe But the truth is that I love Christmas…. so the earlier, the better for me! πŸ™‚
    By the way…. I think I’m going to visit your country very briefly in March! I’m going to Lapland! πŸ™‚

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    • I’m feeling very strong Christmas vibes this year, too!! I think our official Xmas lights come on 25th Nov but there’s already a lot of decorations everywhere. Not complaining! πŸ€—
      Lapland, eh?! Great! Where exactly? I hope you like it!!! I visited it in 2014 (and a few times as a teenager) and I liked it a lot, it was so quiet and peaceful there! Super cold but you know that when you are booking so it’s no surprise! πŸ˜‚ Hope you enjoy it there!!


  5. I don’t love that it gets dark so early over here either. We drove home from my daughter’s soccer game yesterday and it was only 5:30, but felt more like 10:00 pm. Christmas magic definitely helps reduce the disappointment of less daylight. πŸ™‚

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