A Little Adventure

Imagine a furry little fellow…

Going about his business, searching for food in his home jungle…

One day, he decided to take a little road trip…

Only he didn’t know yet that it wasn’t going to be a little road trip, but a big one…

Because that’s how road trips tend to go.

He traveled all across the land, high and low… through mountains with large liquid snakes wriggling through them…

To the big sea and back…

Encountering all sorts of creatures he never dreamt of seeing…

He chased noisy animals called “motorcycles” until he was tired and fell asleep… they didn’t want to play with him.

He chatted with a llama but the llama wasn’t very responsive…

He met Peter Pan and his friend the Peacock… but they disappeared quickly.

He was scared by a blue monster… who turned out to be just a regular nice guy looking for a dentist… our furry hero couldn’t help him with that.

But he stopped, when he saw orange lights in the sky. The most fiery sunset he had ever seen.

It reminded him of the orange, muddy water in his home pond in the jungle. And so he turned back, without a second thought.

He had followed his Curiosity this far, and now he would follow his Heart.

41 responses to “A Little Adventure

    • Thanks dear! 😊 Hmm, maybe, except for the ending, unfortunately I have yet to experience a real feeling of home for a certain place. My apartment feels like my home, and my neighborhood, but my roots are elsewhere and I guess that makes the difference 😊


  1. You’ve inspired me to tell my stories! Thank you. I was just wondering yesterday what to do with my stack of pictures. When I take those pics, there’s always a thought behind, but once I am back home, I just dump them on a hard drive where they lie forgotten, along with their stories, which nobody would know because I never wrote them! Your post has given me the motivation to do that now – it’s never too late! Thanks again for the inspiration :-).

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