Nothing In Particular And A Hairdresser

I feel like writing a blog post today, but to be honest, I don’t have anything to say.

That didn’t used to be a problem back when the weekly photo challenge was still running. I’d just look up the week’s theme and post a photo. Perfect for wanna-blog-nothing-to-say days.

I liked the layout of the challenge page, too, which made it easy to check out other participants.

Something from yesterday springs to mind:

Me: Hi

Hairdresser 1: Hi there! I hope you’re not allergic to dogs! (pets two dogs with wiggly tails)

Me: Umm, actually I am… (surprised to see animals at a hairdressing salon in Helsinki)

Hairdresser 1: Oh, no problem, let me lead them into the other room here! I’ll be right back!

Hairdresser 2: The dogs are mentioned on our website. You should’ve looked it up.

Me: Oh, I didn’t notice… (not feeling very welcome anymore)

Luckily Hairdresser 1 was so nice that she neutralized any initial bad vibes. I was trying out an eco hairdresser for the first time: fed up with chemicals, it’s been years since I last dyed or highlighted my hair.

But Hairdresser 1 told me even eco products can give you an allergic reaction, if you are allergic to for example pollen or if you’ve previously had a bad reaction to normal hair dye. I am and I have, unfortunately, and – though unlikely – I wasn’t in the mood for any risk-taking. So I decided to skip the dye.

Instead, she did a seaweed and tea tree cleansing mask accompanied with a head massage and coconut oil for moisture. And she clipped my hair a bit shorter.

When it was time to pay, I wondered if it would be less expensive since I didn’t get my hair dyed. On the other hand, I did use up 2 hours of her time. I ended up paying 130 euros… for basically a haircut.

64 responses to “Nothing In Particular And A Hairdresser

  1. Ahhh! I almost didn’t like the post for the price. In Rome for 30 eur you get a most excellent haircut from a talented professional, without the dyeing. But of course no mask and nothing bio about it. 😀 But if you had a nice experience, so be it. 🙂

    As for the challenge, there is the nice Lens-Artists challenge with one of the four hosts hosting every week. For the next week till Saturday (when the new one comes) is this:

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    • Well for 130 euros I’m not sure the experience was perfect: I’d have preferred Hairdresser 2 not to have scolded me the minute I walked in! 😂
      It might actually be cheaper to fly to Rome, get my hair cut, and fly back!!!
      I’ve seen those LensArtists challenges and they seem to have taken off well. But I can’t be bothered with 4 hosting sites, it’s too much for my sleep-deprived brain cells to handle right now!😊

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  2. The final reveal left me speechless: how can you possibly pay so much for a simple haircut?😱 I do agree that quality requires a certain (higher) cost, but this is truly excessive.
    Not with the intention to ruin the business of this shop, but there definitely are cheaper options with products you can easily use at home, especially when it comes to haircair and hairdying. Otherwise, in case you need to cut your hair or you don’t feel confident dying it on your own, have you ever thought about bringing your ecological and natural products to the hairdresser shop and ask to use them instead? I have been doing it for a while, and nobody said no 🙂

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    • What an interesting thought, bringing products to the hairdresser! Wonder what they would say!
      I’ve been cutting my hair myself for years, in between hairdressers. I mostly wear a ponytail every day so it really doesn’t matter. This experience yesterday just reinforced my thoughts that going to a hairdresser is quite unnecessery: I’ll just keep my natural color and cut it myself 😊 problem solved!
      But at least the head massage was relaxing 😂

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  3. The thought of flying to Rome for a haircut is interesting 🙂 It reminds me of a Britisch couple I met in Budapest. They were there to have a severe tooth job done. It was cheaper to fly twice (!) to and fro Budapest then to have it done in England. In the mean time I’m not going to let my own hairdresser read this post. It might bring her to ideas. 🙂

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  4. I totally agree with you about the weekly photo challenge and the layout of the challenge page. I’ve been doing the Sunday Stills Challenge ( which I enjoy, but since photos are my main focus I don’t worry too much about having anything to say! As to hairdressing, I think 130 euros might be around my lifetime hairdressing budget. But then, I’ve photographed wildlife with better hair than I possess.

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  5. Years ago when I still used to visit Ukraine, I’d let my hair grow long and then cut it there. Once a year. For some 3 euros. That was the time! Now I try to do the same when in Spain. Or the cheapest cuts in Oslo (50€). Luckily I don’t need much, just a straight cut.
    As for photo challenge… what if you’d started one yourself? You have some following, that could spread too))

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    • Fun idea Marina! Starting a photo challenge 😊 I think I would start stressing about whether it’s popular or not. Whereas right now my blogging is so stressfree. On the other hand, I’m out of topics to blog about and that would give me a new push..! Thanks for giving me something to think about! 😁

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      • I understand. I go between those waves too: not caring about the numbers, then caring, and than again not 😆😆
        What I would do, I would run it as an experiment. Say, a month of challenge. Or shorter if you want. And it could be just a word, you could look it up in a book on any randomly open page. Little stress in that one. And after running the experiment, I would decide for myself if I want to play with it more, or maybe later (this is what I’m doing with my 1-pic a day challenge. Bc of many things now, I keep it on hold. But I come back to it more often too).
        Think about it! Play with the idea 💡

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  6. 130euros O_o That sounds really excessive. I’ve tried out a salon that used O-way products (organic and no ammonia in the hair dye blah blah and other good stuff). Frankly, I find their hair dye totally useless against my black hair.

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    • If I had black hair, I wouldn’t dye it 😊 My hair is a sort of see-through grey mousy color which happens to blond hair when it sees no sun… 😋 And I have to agree, I wasn’t impressed with the products (some other brand than yours but anyway)

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  7. Wow, 130€!!! I know hairdressers are expensive out there… Since I moved from Spain (Sweden, Ireland and now Switzerland) I always cut my hair and have highlights done every time I go to Spain… it’s cheaper but also because I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to tell the hairdresser what I want… it’s already difficult to have done what you want in Spain, I wouldn’t dare to try in English or even less in German here in Switzerland, hahaha.
    I agree with Marina… Why don’t you launch your own photo challenges? 🙂

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    • Hehee, interesting thought, about my own photo challenges! I wonder if I could get the layout to be like the Daily Post’s was – probably not with my free plan. Something to think about! 😁
      I had my hair done in France when I lived there and it was always scary doing highlights because they aren’t used to treating naturally blond hair! The dye proportions are probably a bit off!


  8. I miss the photo challenges as well! That does seem high for a basic haircut. I think mine translates to somewhere near that for a shampoo, cut, highlights, and a blow-dry. I think the highlights account for about 2/3 of it. However, mine doesn’t give me a mask and massage. That sounds so lovely right now!! 🙂

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    • You are the first one with the same price level! 🤗 I feel slightly better, though also sorry for you guys too. If you leave happy, then fine. But to leave looking like you did when you entered the hairdresser’s is disappointing at that price! (Ps. I love head massages! I usually go to a massage entrepreneur who does excellent Indian head massages, so relaxing!!!)

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  9. This might make you feel a bit better.

    I recently went to a salon in a mall for a trim because I have a pixie cut, and as you know, it grows awkwardly. I wanted some highlights additionally, so the woman gave me a colour on my mop. Then she chopped off all my upper layers — even though I had told her as much as one can without nagging that I wanted to grow my pixie out. The hair on my nape which I actually wanted neatly trimmed – that she gave a cursory touch, leaving behind unseemly tiny hairs. As if this was not enough, to my horror, she did not have the knowledge that you do not use a brush to blow dry short hair that does not need poufing up. This I had been warned about by the previous salon I had been to.

    At the end of it, I had a giant mushroom on my head. Plus she had rubbed the tiny beginnings of a pimple so hard (to remove stray hair colour) that I had a full-blown boil the next day. For all of these services, I paid up $190.

    Is my work done here? 🙂

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  10. I am sorry to hear of your allergies, Snow; that really makes life more complicated. For a blog post that had nothing to say, it said a lot and was entertaining to read. I was also interested to read about the variance in prices of haircuts around the world in the various comments. I pay around $100 for foils and a cut here – apparently around 65 euros according to Google! So we have nothing to complain about here, mind you I haven’t yet seen or heard of an eco-hairdresser. Things filter down to the bottom of the globe slowly – LOL!
    As for the photo challenge, I have just finished a six month poetry challenge on my blog. I was a little afraid to do it for the same reasons you said, as well as the time constraints, so I asked a good blogger friend of mine, if she would co-hosted it with me. To make it distinctive, we made it a bi-lingual (poetry) challenge. (- she is bi-lingual, not me!) This worked really well as she was able to post in another language and attract different readers, but also support me if I was too busy to put up the posting. It was a wonderful experiment! I have made many new blogger friends across a variety of cultures, and several have turned into regular commenters. If a joint photography challenge sounds appealing, I would be happy to do it with you, as I used to contribute to the daily photo challenge when I first started blogging and would like to include more photography in my posts.

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  11. That is pretty expensive.. I’ve actually stopped going to hairdressers entirely. I never liked the chemical smells, the chatter, the hair pulling.. I found a YouTube video on how to cut your own hair at home, and I’ve been doing that ever since (just a simple trim on long hair, so it’s nothing too complicated to get right).

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    • Hahah, same here actually! I’ve been cutting my hair myself for years, I always wear it in a ponytail so it doesn’t really matter. This attempt at freshening up my look at the hairdressers really didn’t work at all and I’ll stick to cutting it myself now! 😁


  12. I hate going to the hairdresser!
    I’ve skipped hairdresser for 20 years.
    I always have the impression it is like paying too much for a plate of tapas I could have prepared myself!
    130€ is a pretty expensive plate of tapas…

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