Falling Colors

Yellow colors are falling on us like snowflakes. Are we in an autumn snowglobe that some giant is shaking?

I see leaves that match my scarf… They color the pavement and it looks much better in yellow than grey.

Some of the leaves look so lemony I want to dive in, roll around, take a bite. Better not.

Bittersweet reminders of the next season to come.


39 responses to “Falling Colors

  1. Probably it’s a bit more bittersweet for you, having those loooong winters and super short days…. I’m just enjoying the beginning of the season so much!! Probably because I’m still over excited with Swiss winters and the snow, hehehe (this will be my second Swiss winter!)
    The only time I’ve been in Helsinki was in October… I remember a beautiful sunny day, not so cold and a looot of golden leaves everywhere! Will we see in your blog more photos from Autumn in Helsinki? Pleaaase!! 🙂

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    • Happy to hear you are loving your Swiss life with its different seasons! 😊 Autumn’s bittersweet for me, that’s for sure! I do think this time of year has a special armosphere to it, as well as the beautiful colors! I’ll try to take more photos! I wish my camera was working, my iPhone photos are always a bit flat and uninspiring!


  2. We are just beginning to get the changes in colors. I’m hoping we get some nice yellows. Sometimes they turn straight to brown, depending on the wetness leading up to it. Your yellows look gorgeous.

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  3. I was in Helsinki last week and I went there specifically to make autumn photos! 😍 I really like the city. It’s so walkable and has a certain charm. Also I like that it’s next to the sea. I have a bit of thing for port cities since I grew up in one. My only regret is that I didn’t stay an extra day. But that’s alright, I guess I’ve found myself a big excuse to visit Helsinki again – and the next time I go I’ll see more of Finland too (hopefully). Have a good weekend! 😊

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    • Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you enjoyed your visit(s)! I’m looking forward to seeing your photos! Autumn was especially pretty this year (now it’s already gone)… I wish I could’ve taken more photos and with a proper camera but this time around I’ll just have to capture it in my mind 🙂 Enjoy your evening!

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