Emozioni – And Inspiration

I saw this sign in Genoa, Italy, as I was strolling around town one day last summer.

I’m not 100 % sure, but doesn’t “emozioni” mean emotions in Italian? Imagine hanging that up in a neon sign in the middle of town!

Unless it’s an advertisement for a brand named Emozioni – sounds like maybe lingerie, for some reason? Googling it left me none the wiser.

This random word sign reminds me of Manja’s blog ManjaMexiMovie, where she sometimes shows us Italian street scenes with all sorts of words scribbled across the walls and other surfaces. No matter how hastily painted, they all sound like poetry. Here’s a link to a recent post by Manja with this kind of street poetry.

That made me think of other inspiring blog posts I’ve come across recently. One of them is a post Christina from Just Blue Dutch did with a similar theme to my post from yesterday. Christina’s was called October thoughts and autumn spells.

Christina wrote, “Sometimes I think that it’s so strange to find everything so beautiful during Autumn, where in fact, everything is actually dying. Don’t you think so?”

I’d already drafted my Beauty in Decay, Part II post a while ago (there was a part one on my blog, last spring) and it wasn’t until after I’d published part two yesterday that I realized how Christina’s post must have subconsciously inspired me as well. So I want to give her a mention here!

Other inspiring blog posts I’ve recently read include for example these:

1Lynn Thaler’s posts Confessions of a blogger and Blogging heroes

2-Julie from Les Petits Pas de Juls recommended a piece on Venice to me in a comment. I checked it out, and in fact, the recommended post wove a recurring nighttime dream into a travel post, which I found very refreshing. The blogger is Britt Skrabanek, who I recently started following and here’s a link to the post.

3-Speaking of inspiration, Julie herself is quite something: she is very green and encourages others to live a cleaner life, too. Take a look at this incredible post, What 1 year of trash looks like!

So… these are the emotions this black and white photo brought me – who knew!

25 responses to “Emozioni – And Inspiration

  1. So glad to hear you enjoyed Britt’s stores and that you also fell for her astute use of words and poetry and started following her; you won’t be disappointed!
    Thanks also for the shout out! What a surprising feeling to read my name in your post today!
    I’ll be checking out the other blogs you mention too; for sure, there are some incredible people behind them.
    Have a lovely day, my dear!

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  2. Yeah, I’m very glad to have inspired you – until I can get you some gelato and show you around, that’s the most I can do! 🙂 Thank you for linking to my Italian love notes. I did a quick google search as well and my bet is on the sports store. Even though the Italians could easily just write ‘Emotions’ over a street for no reason at all. And now I’ll have a look at your other inspirations!

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  3. I enjoyed following the twisting path your mind took today! Mine rambles like that most of the time, so it’s nice to see that a simple word dangling above a street can lead to all those other ideas! (I follow some of those blogs, too – nice to see them highlighted.)

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  4. Very, very interesting blogs!
    Happy Sunday 🙂

    P.S.: “…Italian street scenes with all sorts of words scribbled across the walls and other surfaces. No matter how hastily painted, they all sound like poetry”… Italians hate these scribbles, because to clean them from facades, walls, monuments etc.of their cities they must pay an additional special local tax (last year I had to pay something like USS 480!).

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  5. I lived 5 years in Genoa, but never seen this sign. But you don’t see the place you live in through the same eyes as a visitor. Thinking about “La Superba” (as Genoa was known in the Rennaissance) makes me longing to return to this city of magic light! Thanks for bringing back the memories 😊👏

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  7. Aww Thanks! What a great read this 1st day of November! Thank you for the mention. Speaking of inspiration, your post have showered enough insight to me and I’m sure to others too.You have written so nicely, really worth a read.
    With the right emotions, it can lead to inspiration.

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