Beauty In Decay, Part II

Summer turns to winter, gliding through autumn

And there’s a certain beauty in its decay


36 responses to “Beauty In Decay, Part II

  1. Your pictures spoke volumes this morning – the decay beauty was felt with each composition –
    Seriously wonderful photography here-
    The yellow leaf portrait – the mystery in some of the blue –
    The fruit with marks and the whole post was a slideshow that spoke to me with that sentence of decay in beauty….
    It was like a nature walk.

    And funny to come here for such a “moving” slide show today because just yesterday I read one of your posts via a tweet by norm – and then I logged in later to wp and I went to your site to find it but did not see it right away and so had to leave – or I would have left a comment –
    But it was a long post about blogging – doppleganger – and your social media experience –
    And so “snow melts somewhere” –
    Today’s post was so opposite of that and really shows your variety!

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