How To Get Disoriented On Purpose

If you’ve ever felt like you needed some peace and quiet, I know where you should go.

There’s a place where the land is covered in thick blankets of white snow and there’s no sound in the air, no rush hour, no stress about looking your best.

You’ll be covered in layer upon layer of your warmest clothes and all anyone will be able to see of you will be your eyes and nose.

The chill of minus 30 degrees Celsius is shocking but afterwards, secured indoors in warmth, you’ll feel refreshed.

The cold will make you feel like you need to eat something warm or maybe have a hot cup of tea, just to hold it in your hands, while you reflect on how slowly you moved that day, and how much you liked this new pace.

It’ll get dark early in the afternoon and you’ll feel disoriented, adding to the exotic feel of being somewhere arctic.

You know that I’m talking about winter in Finnish Lapland, right?

The photos are from my trip to Kittilä in January, 2014.

48 responses to “How To Get Disoriented On Purpose

  1. It’s a beautiful white world out there. The cold can be disorienting indeed.Coming from a Tropical country & a place that has a soaring 53 deg C in heat ,a sight of snow land like this is refreshing. Like an ice cream in the middle of the desert.
    You left me already dreaming of snow.

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  2. Great photos and post as always 🙂
    One of the few things I regret not doing was visiting Finnish lapland during my 2.5 years of stay in Kokkola, Finland. Because I always thought there’d be a better timing. Now it’s simply too expensive for me to visit 😦 Also not going ice swimming at my Finnish lecturer’s invitation because I was too lazy, ha ha.

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    • I’ve never been ice swimming! Some people love it though (crazy)! 😄 Who knows, maybe one day you’ll visit Lapland. But that’s how it is when you’re abroad, never enough time to visit every place! I stayed in France for about 2,5-3 years and I never visited a vineyard though I always wanted to see one! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, again! 😊


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