Curves of the Hills

Gruyères, Switzerland some weeks ago

For the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge


47 responses to “Curves of the Hills

      • I enjoy both the views of the scenery and the race itself. I’ll actually be in France this year for the first several weeks of the race, but who wants to take all the time to watch instead of doing other things? And all the commentary for some reason is in French!! 🙂 I may buy the race on discs when I get home and my husband and I can watch every minute!

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        • It’s especially fun to watch if you’ve been there at the same time! 🙂 I knew a girl who did a biking holiday in the French riviera, sounded like so much fun that I always thought I’d like to do that, too


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  3. Sigghh..So romantic 🙂 I am sorry if I missed it, but you must create a travel feed in insta !! It will be so helpful for travel inspirations and you can share all your wonderful captures from across the world 🙂 I recently joined, and I am loving it 🙂

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