What Happened Next

Last Monday I asked my readers to continue the story behind this photo…

Five bloggers responded and all of their stories were, as expected, just perfect. Thank you so much for participating!

I promised to quote the best story and choosing it was difficult – there really is no winner, since they were all utterly believable and engaging.

Camila Aimbire wrote about a girl seeing herself on a missing poster, leaving it to the reader to determine whether the man looking for her had good intentions or whether she was, in fact, being chased…

Sue Ranscht completed an entire chapter in what could’ve been a novel about a woman’s entertaining mishaps while searching for work – maybe she’d just moved to a new town. I’m thinking it might be a romantic comedy.

Mrs Suvi’s story gave me the best laughs. You just need to go over to my post’s comments and read it! I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

Emilio Pasquale gave us a heartfelt short story of a courageous girl, who wouldn’t give up, her feelings conveyed vividly to the reader.

Go over here to read them in the comments section!

Finally, the story I’m going to publish right here was written by Phil Taylor from The Phil Factor. I liked it so much because it made me feel like it was a scene from a novel which I need to keep on reading. One of those unputdownable ones (love that word). In just a few sentences, there’s context, there’s a story going on between the characters, there’s depth. Here it is, the first line provided by me and then Phil’s version of what happened next.

She hopped off her motorbike in a hurry, her purse tangling for a moment in the bike’s handles, until she managed to pull it free.

The Vespa waited outside. “They must be in there, ” he thought. Should I knock? Should I just burst in? Peer in the window? Then he heard the click of the latch and reflexively jumped back, behind the corner. As she stepped out and mounted the Vespa she didn’t look back or appear to be vigilant in the least, giving the impression that she was confident in her subterfuge.


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