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Riding in a Car the Local Way


Picture time at La Mano, Punta del Este, Uruguay
Artist behind the sculpture: Mario IrarrΓ‘zabal

While we stood here, waiting for a moment to take a picture of this famous landmark of Punta del Este without any people in the frame, I saw a little scene play out.

A small car was parked by the road and a large family was coming back from the beach with sand buckets, picnic baskets, towels, teenagers, small children, aunts and uncles.

Everyone went about their business packing the things into the car. In a slow but organised manner, they all got into the tiny car, which was bursting at its seams.

…Everyone, except a teenage girl, who casually walked around the car, opened the trunk and hopped in. She pulled the trunk lid closed. And off they went!

To me, this didn’t seem like a nice or safe place to travel but who am I to judge. I guess I’ve been watching too many crime shows.

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91 replies on “Riding in a Car the Local Way”

This would have been a good MM photo. It is something I have never seen before. It reminds me a little of the grandeur of the Men at the Sea in Esbjerg, Denmark. Very imposing and it really makes one think. They story is a bit sad and yet, this is only my interpretation from a Westerners perspective. Perhaps everyone had their ‘turn” in the trunk or being a teenager, she would rather be shut away from the rest of the family. A thought provoking post in more ways than one.

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Thanks! I actually just saw a sort of beach movie oj the TV, from the 60’s (American), and in that movie, a teenage girl rode that way – to my surprise! Maybe it’s a beach thing? But yes, I thought it was a bit sad, too. What if there’s an accident? She has no buffer if someone crashed into them from behind. And if everyone were hurt, how would the paramedics know to look in the trunk for one more person in need of care?

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haha, well, at least she had the trunk all to herself lol :))
your blog is one of my favorite places to visit, every time I browse through it, I always find something new and interesting to discover πŸ™‚ wishing you a lovely and relaxed (as much as possible) week ahead πŸ™‚

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Aww, thanks Alexandra! You are such a sweethear! I was quite productive in my first blogging year or so, it’s amazing how much stuff you can fit into this free blog and there is still space! Hahah 😜 Wishing you an amazing week too! (The weather looks ok today but I’m so exhausted, dunno if I can muster up the energy to take the babies out for a walk! Easier to stay in! They love working out on the playmat anyway, hahah!)


Sometimes I feel the world has gone too far down the road of political correctness. Perhaps this girl was just happy having her own unique space in that car. Also, I have travelled in India with kids happily jumping into the back of the hatchback.

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😁😬 Sounds fun and scary at the same time. If a car runs into them from behind, they are crushed or at the very least might not be able to get out anymore. In an accident, rescuers might ignore them not knowing of their existence. Yikes! But yes, I know different lifestyles exist from mine 😊 She was probably quite happy going there!


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