Barely There

– Here’s a photo post to wish you a happy and sunny weekend –

Butterflies and lizards pictured in Aruba

These blue butterflies clapped their wings so fast, they were hard to capture on camera

They wouldn’t stay still

That flower was attracting both

Are those the butterfly’s eyes?

Getting closer would have been hard, as they were quick to move on

Meanwhile, the lizards had no problems staying still

Soaking in the sun (spot the lizard!)

A rare still moment


I took the butterfly photos in this post at the lovely Butterfly Farm located between Eagle and Palm Beach.

If you’re heading to Aruba, I warmly recommend a visit there! Our visit was in 2012.

32 responses to “Barely There

  1. Such beautiful, exotic-looking butterflies. All we seem to have around here this year are cabbage-whites. I’ve hardly seen any of our usual peacocks and red admirals. (I’m blaming it on the weather! lol) The lizards are very cute, too. Lovely photos.

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    • Thanks πŸ™‚ Butterflies always capture my attention, they’re just so pretty. I haven’t seen many around here this year, either, but then again I live in the city so that might explain it… πŸ™‚

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      • We usually have a lot of different ones around our garden (we live in the countryside) but I’m really disappointed in how few we’ve seen this year. Perhaps it was the cold spring and very late start to summer this year. Who knows. I just hope we have them back next year. πŸ™‚

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        • I hope so, too! πŸ™‚ (PS. I keep hearing the English countryside is beautiful, would love to visit. Really enjoy your travel posts, too! So much history to see, as well as green scenery. Maybe one day!)

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          • Well, if ever we manage to boot out our two ‘children’ who keep bouncing back (!) we have a 4-bedroomed house. You’d be very welcome to a room for a holiday – which cuts down on hotel bills! Right now, Nick and I are thinking of changing the locks…

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  2. I don’t have the patience for insect photos – that’s why I am amazed my daughter was able to catch the bees in her photos I posted today. Lovely photos, I wish we had butterflies flitting around the garden. Have a wonderful day and greta week.

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  3. Beautiful butterflies. I have not been to Aruba, maybe someday. We have had a very hot and dry summer here and with it came lots of Western Swallowtail butterflies. I love to watch them flit from flower to flower and bask in the sun.

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    • I googled that butterfly – pretty! πŸ™‚ They somehow create a kind of magical feeling, don’t they?! Here, it’s been a rainy, cold summer… the opposite from yours!


      • The entire West Coast has been sizzling since early spring. I have some milkweed growing with which I hope to attract Monarch butterflies. They used to be common, but I haven’t seen one in many years. Not sure why, but pesticides and climate change could play a role I think. We sure could use some of your rain around here!

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  4. Awesome shot of the butterfly where the wings are moving but the head is crisp and clear. Lovely! Wishing you a happy weekend as well!

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