20 responses to “Meanwhile…

  1. I’m visiting California right now, and they sure could use some rain. Everything looks and is parched, and I noticed that a lot of old and big trees are damaged and dying.
    Love the bright colors of the leaves and blossoms. They look vibrant and alive.

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    • Thanks! I love green ๐Ÿ™‚ According to the news over here (Finland), it’s been the coldest summer since 1962 and even colder than in Siberia! Rainy and gray skies, every single day, winter, spring, summer… But it sure is green! The world’s weather is getting more extreme each year.


  2. I have always loved the feeling after rain. The air is so fresh, everything looks so green – and the droplets on the grass and the flowers are always beautiful! Flotte bilder:)

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