Beach Silhouettes

Eagle Beach in Aruba was full of life, when we spent a month there in 2012.

I never grew tired of it.

Whether it was going for a walk or a jog, meditating with your toes in the tide, swimming with your dog or having a beer (and hopefully picking up your trash), there was all sorts of activity going on.

In the day time it was calm, until our last week when a beach tennis tournament started, bringing yet another kind of activity and different vibes.

To get a better view of the silhouettes of people doing their very own beach thing, click on the images to enlarge.

The birds in the pictures are pelicans, making quick dives into the water all day long.

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28 responses to “Beach Silhouettes

    • Thank you, Inger! 🙂 I love all beach/sunset colors, nice and bright! In the day, the water at Eagle beach was a beautiful turquoise – I’ll post some pictures of that later on!


    • I loved it there – Eagle Beach was very calm and quiet, as well as beautiful. Most tourism happens at another part of the island, which we visited but luckily didn’t stay at because I’m not really a resort enthusiast. I mean, resorts are nice, but why travel all that distance just to lounge in a hotel area? Where we stayed resembled ordinary life a bit more. Though we were still tourists, obviously 🙂 But we also saw other stuff besides the tourist village…. Anyway, my point is, Aruba was great! 🙂

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