Behind Those Doors…

The Daily Post photo challenge of the week is about doors

Since it’s summer, I’m posting some colorful Caribbean doors… Glass doors and closed doors.

Watch where you go!

This was the view from our hotel room’s door in Curaçao. I wish that I could have lived there permanently!

If you ask me, all the best hotel rooms include kittens!

Let me warn you of some of the perils of visiting Aruba… This sign is on a glass door.

Fort Zoutman in Aruba. If I remember correctly, it served as a lookout for pirates. But they never came…

(Not to this part of the island)

Beach hut closed, but luckily the beach was open

More closed doors…

This one might look a bit scary if it wasn’t a bright, Caribbean yellow

I’m guessing this is an office building… Located in downtown Willemstad, Curaçao.

I just can’t tell if it’s abandonded or brand new? But wouldn’t these colors brighten up a day at the office..!

29 responses to “Behind Those Doors…

  1. So vibrant. If it’s colours you seek, have you been to Cartagena, Colombia? An explosion of beautiful, and colourful doors and windows.

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    • Thanks! 😀 I especially like the swimming pool’s color, behind the green plants… And I wonder why all houses aren’t painted in bright colors, instead of those boringly sober grey and brown shades… 😉

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  3. Such wonderful colours – so vibrant – and a great collection of doors. I’d love to see a butterfly attack. We seem to have had hardly any butterflies in our area this year. They’d probably be amazingly colourful ones out there, too.

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    • We saw lots of huge, beautiful butterflies – the sign is actually at a butterfly farm in Aruba 🙂 I took photos of them, most were blurred because their wings go so very fast! But a couple of pictures turned out pretty sharp – I might post some soon… 🙂 The prettiest ones (in my opinion) were a bright blue but I never managed to catch one on “digital film”, they were too fast!


  4. Such wonder full colours Curaçao has to offer, that can brighten up any day! Love the view from you hotel room, I wouldn’t mind living there either:) And I fully agree with you, add a cat to the room at it can only be better!! 🙂

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