Aruba Palm Tree at Sunset

Eagle Beach in Aruba provided us with a plentitude of gorgeous sunbathing days, warm swims, and sunset photos…

Eagle Beach, Aruba in 2012

(You’ll find more images like this inΒ my earlier photo post)

23 responses to “Aruba Palm Tree at Sunset

    • Hey, thank you! That’s funny, I was just reading your post before I saw this, and noticed the nomination! ☺ I’m flattered you thought of me! I’m award free, though sometimes I might do them. I have two pending that I promised to think about, so maybe I’ll have to admit straight up that I’ll skip this one. I love your blog and now that I read about your rescue dog story behind it, I’m very impressed!

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      • You are very welcome, I enjoy the journeys on your blog with your wonderful photographs. No worries if you do not want to accept, I appreciate it is very time consuming. Much love to you xxx

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