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Goodbye, July

I know it’s September, but I’m still thinking about July. It was a beautiful, short combination of summer and freedom, friendly faces and new places.

For a few weeks, it was warm and sunny. What made it remarkable was that there was almost no rain for those weeks. So many sunny days in a row is a rarity not appreciated by everyone, but certainly very much so by this blogger.

And to think that it coincided with my annual vacation from work! I was very lucky this time.

But as soon as the month changed, a chill arrived with the wind, and thoughts turned to autumn. In August, summer was over just like that, as it always is.

Road trips, day trips, ferry trips; something for the kids, something for me.

Coming back to reality felt like coming home after a month on a tropical island: reluctance and disbelief. The cool weather quickly forced me to wear long pants and long sleeves again, and cover up the evidence of happy days outdoors.

I’m back to a computer-driven existence, and will have to wait another 9 months for my next moment of joyful summer activity. This is life, I guess.

But let’s not talk about the weather, I’ve done too much of that and I’m boring myself.

Let’s talk about the sheep my son and I saw walking through a forest to a secluded little beach, all neatly in a line! Do sheep have leaders, do they always follow the same one when they form a line? All I know is, the last time I saw sheep on a beach was in Crete 15 years ago, and this time around it still looked as comical – although endearing, too.

And let me tell you how I fulfilled my desire to stand-up paddle, unlike last summer when time just slipped away from me and left me empty-handed. How I loved being so close to the water and seeing the shore from a distance! So silent and peaceful. I’m grateful I had the chance to calm down for a moment in this way.

Believe it or not, I actually had plenty of first time experiences this summer: my family was invited to a friend’s wood-burned sauna, I saw wild deer in the forest, and we visited the Turku archipelago.

And I discovered the beautiful beach of Yyteri, one of the few properly sandy beaches in the country, with dunes and pine trees (only palm trees were missing!). As it turns out, waking up at six along with the kids has its advantages: we were at the beach by 8:30 and it wasn’t crowded at all!

This summer, my love for aviation got rekindled, too, when a free air show was arranged in a downtown park, and planes and jets flew for 5 or 6 hours, some of them originating from the UK, Germany, and France. The sky roared with thunderous volume when it was the jets’ turn and I couldn’t keep my eyes off them.

My favourite was the Patrouille de France, which I’ve seen before but still found as impressive as the first time. It had eight planes flying in figures and doing tricks. For a moment, I forgot all about my climate change angst and just enjoyed watching the planes fly in a windy but clear sky. Just like the old days, when I worked at the airport.

And – using my birthday as an excuse – I bought myself a smartwatch to push me to track my fitness and I’m loving it. I feel like Penny from my favourite childhood show Inspector Gadget. (A cartoon which, in the 80’s, was very much ahead of its time with smartwatches and iPads!) Well, at least I was loving it until I tripped and fractured my foot! Ouch. But this was in September, and the post is about July.

Those few precious summer weeks in July were spent with family, while also allowing for some me time. Time is passing right under our noses and watching kids grow is the best way to see it happening. Did you know that kids these days learn to ride a bike without training wheels, thanks to balance biking since age two?

In July, we went to children’s outdoors events and enjoyed the fact that it didn’t rain. Oh, how I love clear skies without the constant threat of downfall!

And then I went back to work, where a colleague immediately started a long story about her love for rain and how she was thrilled that she could finally wear woollen socks again now that it wasn’t not too hot anymore.

I felt like a sheep on the beach: will anyone notice I’m in the wrong place?

Take care!

36 replies on “Goodbye, July”

Sheep on a beach — should be a new idiom 😉

Golly. There are people who LIKE wearing wool socks?! Not me. It can be -25C outside and I won’t wear wool socks.

Chin up. Nine months isn’t so long .. and there’s Christmas, New Year and Easter eggs in between.

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I’m glad you had a nice getaway. September here in Northern California is really our summer. Cool nights and sunny days. We used to have long rainy winters but lately they’ve been shorter and shorter. I hope your autumn days are full of sun!

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Being happy to must wear socks again…. My mind is trying to grasp this…. It fails. 🙂 The pictures accompanying this again wonderful write up are sunny, happy, bucolic, pacific. To bad summer was short. Our summer wasn’t that great either, I think I wrote it before: a typical wet, grey Dutch summer, although not cold! I am lucky to be in Mediterrania next week and smell how the sun smelles and the wind that softly caresses the silvery leaves of the old olive trees. (Note to self: NEVER EVER get involved with poetry!) Head up, Snow, September is cool too! (Pun not intended 🙂 )

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Finns all agree this year summer was excellent. But as always, I think they are exaggerating a bit 🙂 The weather really was nice, but like I said, it lasted only a few weeks, in the end. That really isn’t a lot. I guess I should learn to settle for less, like the others do, but I want more! 😀 Summers here just are always so short. Anyway, the Mediterranean next week? Wow, sounds nice! Where exactly? Enjoy! And take photos 🙂

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I’m so pleased you enjoyed a warm, sunny family Finnish holiday and got an opportunity to paddle board. Fingers crossed, we are heading your way soon and I’m hoping for some fine days. I’ve been over at Easter and summer a lot but autumn will be a first for me. Take care.

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A very entertaining post. Great pics as always. The ending made me chuckle. I’m the same as you with the clear skies and warm weather. Air shows are spectacular to watch. I haven’t been to one in a few years (since I moved), but before that, I used to go every year. SO many people, but since I worked and lived within walking distance, I was able to observe the training the day or two before and then just leisurely walk around on the day of the event, not worrying about working (nightmare), or a place to sit.

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You had such a nice vacation from the photos and lovely stories, I enjoyed reading it much. 9 months ain’t too long, I would have to wait forever in vain for snow to fall here in Borneo, hahaha! Inspector Gadget, omg! Funny how once I read it, I immediately remember and hummed its theme song from the 80s!

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I feel like the wool sock girl down under – enjoying what others see as dismal weather. Sounds like she finds it hard to adapt to change and likes the ‘same old.’
I am so happy you tried all those different things during the brief summer and the sheep on the beach is definitely a strange sight. Similar to a kangaroo in the surf (during the bushfires).
Do Finns see this summer as a sign of climate change?

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No one here really talks about climate change, so no, they just complained about summer generally. I feel like I’m the only one who notices how dirty the Baltic Sea is. What about over there, do people talk about climate change? It’s making the bush fires worse, isn’t it? We actually had a forest fire in the north but it was over pretty quickly as far as I understood.


I’m glad to hear you had a wonderful July, and experienced some new things including paddleboarding. My balance is so poor, I’d be falling over constantly! I loved your sheep on the beach experience. Your description reminded me of the days, way back when, when I was building rock walls in a rural area. I’d watch as one sheep – the leader? – wandered through into the next field. The other sheep would notice and follow, and the farther back they were, the more they would panic about being left behind. And then, when they were all in the next field, a sheep – the leader again? – would go back to the first field and the scenario would be repeated, but in reverse. Golden days!
I hope your winter is not to harsh and not filled with wet wool socks.

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