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Dreaming About Purple Sunsets

Sandy’s Purple challenge was like therapy because with each photo, I found myself questioning the very notion of purple.

Is this purple? Where does purple end? Is this more pink, lavender or blue than purple? Why do I see a purple haze, or filter, on the picture even if there is no real purple in sight?

I noticed how there is purple in a late sunset and in so many flowers. Purple can be invisible, until you start looking for it, and then it’s everywhere.

41 replies on “Dreaming About Purple Sunsets”

Beautiful photos. I love the color purple, it’s my wife’s favorite color. Lately we’ve been getting spectacular orange sunsets – I think its because of the wildfires bring int eh western US that fill the sky with a hazy look.

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While I love every single photograph, I find the last one the most magical…it’s almost as if the stars are spilling down from the sky!

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Lovely photos and lots of purple everywhere. I love the top three images and the bottom one particularly. I almost used that same kind of orchid in my post, but left it out at the last minute!

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