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Make a Wish

I wish for clear skies

I wish for clear skies
When I close my eyes
And if there’s a cloud
Maybe it’ll make a sound

A serene kind of tone
One I’ve never known
Saying we’ll go back to normal
Even if it’s more formal

And we’ll make new plans
Without the need for bans
Feeling safe once more
Some wishes from the core

31 replies on “Make a Wish”

Thanks, David. That was a happy accident that I noticed afterwards, the cherub blowing smoky clouds out of his horn (and not photoshopped). I guess that’s what drew my eye to the scene. I don’t usually photograph fountains but this one had no water so it was more interesting than usual.

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My first thought when I saw the top photo was of Aladdin’s lamp and the genie appearing just out of shot at the top of the photo. Perfect for your subject. I hope your wishes come true.

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