Guess What Else Is Pink

A pink picnic for some, a walk through for me.

Still chilly, with two weeks of rain, I’ve managed to burn my forehead like I always do. I’m a loyal campaigner for sunscreen, but somehow those first sun rays still manage to get me. I only need an hour of clear blue sky after winter, and I’m red. Or maybe it’s a pinkish tone, on second thought.

So let pink be the theme of this post.

I wonder how many people will be getting mask-shaped suntan lines this summer?

63 responses to “Guess What Else Is Pink

  1. Such lovely pinky walk in the park ❤♥ And that beautiful cherry blossoms just remind me so much of being in Japan! Is it compulsory to wear mask outside in Helsinki at the moment? It’s compulsory here and with the tropical heat everyday, I haven’t yet seen anyone getting mask-shaped suntan. Haha

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    • Oh my, I haven’t even thought of wearing a mask outside in the tropics! Yikes, how do you breathe? I visited Thailand some 8 times (?) when I was a flight attendant and always found it so hard to breathe in that humidity. Suffocating! And this is coming from a hot-weather-lover. Odd to hear there are no weird suntans, I guess you tropical locals know how to avoid such things! Over here, masks have never been required outdoors.

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      • Malaysia is more humid than Thailand, imagine that. Haha, we breathe like normal wearing a mask and now doubling it with cloth mask + surgical mask + face shield all in one. It gets quite difficult to suck all the oxygen in when outside in the hot afternoon. People here is tan enough to add more suntan I suppose, hahaha! We are now starting our 3rd full lockdown and anyone found not wearing mask will be fined about USD500, no one can do any exercise outside and no one can go out between 10pm-5am. It’s getting scary here with the recent spike with 6000-8000 cases daily throughout Malaysia.

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          • Thank you, more prepared now but still miss all that mountains and fresh air! Yes we are, but our government way is pretty much inefficient and unreliable. Registered early, but the one registered months later gets to jab first. How about in Helsinki? Can you like walk in, jab and out as simple as that without any red tapes?

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            • Sorry to hear your government hasn’t got organizational skills. Still, your population must be much larger than ours, we are only 5 million people here. So I guess it’s easier to organize (?). Our vaccinations have been arranged according to age group and city. The small cities got done much faster than Helsinki, the capital. My age group is now getting their shots. You have to book your appointment yourself but you can do it online so it’s very convinient. Then you just show up when it’s your turn. We used to have lots of waiting even with an appointment but covid has made health care re-organize so that people don’t wait in vain and get exposed or potentially expose others unwittingly. (And there is also a phone number for the elderly if they don’t use the internet)

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  2. Wow, what a lovely profusion of color. Take it easy with that sunburn. I see people here who are practically glowing and it makes me cringe thinking of how they’ll feel in the morning.

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  3. I hear you, Snow! Aussies have an incredibly high rate of skin cancer. I know of many with pre cancerous melanomas and more serious stages of melanoma. A terrifying disease. Here, as you may remember, we plaster ourselves with sunscreen and the ever increasing majority do wear sunshirts and cover up with hats and sunnies. Still, you see others not doing this at the beach or the dark bronzed aussies. Having said that, it has been many years since I was sunburnt, the last time was a google tan at the Australian ski fields! My daughter had her first mild sunburn ever just last year when she wore a strappy top in October!
    Mask shaped suntan lines are a sign of the times!

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    • After becoming a mum, everytime I see a kid over here who is tanned in the summer I think, yikes, no sunscreen?! Maybe some people tan through sunscreen into a dark colour, not sure, but dark tans on kids worry me. At the same time, I remember when I was 10 and in Finland, all the kids my age were always tanned! I used sunscreen even then, but I can’t remember if people used it much in general. Skin cancer is not very well known over here. (I had to edit this response several times, I have no idea what I was writing! Brain went to sleep already!)

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      • Oh poor Snow. You must be exhausted again. Are you getting enough sleep these days? I suppose that summer and the light means that you are sleeping less wanting to take advantage of the season.
        How strange that the Finnish kids had tans? I suppose you can tan up really quickly especially if you have that olive undertone in the skin as many Scandi kids have. (I have it too as did my brother). Apparently it is thought to have come from Iberian DnA – presumably from Viking slaves brought home to Scandinavia and who interbred with the natives.
        Perhaps the ozone layer is in better condition in Finland and there is not the continual daily onslaught of sunshine that we get here. That might influence the rates of skin cancer??

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        • We haven’t been getting sleep for 4 years 😅 Never mind, you get used to it. My short-term memory’s gone, though!
          That’s interesting, about the Iberian DNA, I didn’t know that. It reminds me of reading about blue-eyed, blond Turks whose roots are in Scandinavia, they were abducted and made into concubines, transporting them across Europe to the Ottoman Empire. Again, something we never learned about in school.

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    • We actually just got our mask mandate pretty recently!! It’s never been mandatory outdoors, but now it’s mandatory in public transport, shops, and malls etc. This is just in my town (the capital). But it seems we’ll be easing up towards summer and vaccinations are happening at a good pace, too. And you guys?

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        • Yes, 2020 was very ”normal” compared to the rest of the world, almost in denial, I’d say. Then this winter it got tougher and they started restricting things. Events are off the agenda but for example daycare has been open the whole time

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  4. Hahaha well maybe the early childhood educators will all have mask-shaped suntans. You see, we have to wear a mask outside in the afternoon when in contact with the parents. Thankfully, so far my face looks normal.

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  5. Finally…sunny days! Oh i am already brown within minutes so no pink for me..Hahah
    I love these pink blossoms, so feminine but then I love everything about seasons changing and skin getting tanned. You know it so well, within a few months, we´re back to sweaters and jackets!

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