Magic Socks

My sons each have a pair of magic socks. The socks are adorned with a picture of Batman and they have the power to make any grown-up who sees them sing: nanananananananananana Batman Batman Batmaaaaaan…

Whether it’s daycare, parents’ friends or the grandparents, these socks never fail to deliver the expected songburst!

For my 3-year-olds, having no cultural connection to the origin of this tune, this automatic response must seem amazing.

It makes me wonder what it would be like if I could own a pair of magic socks myself. What would they look like?

Maybe, upon spotting them on me, my boss would suddenly be prompted to say, “You know what, let me buy you guys lunch. You deserve it, you’ve all worked so hard!”

Or maybe my socks’ superpower would be to make everyone at the supermarket perform an impromptu flash mob dance to the elevator music playing in the background.

Afterwards, the shoppers would be stunned. “I don’t know what went into me!”

But then, someone would turn towards me and notice my socks again, and it would all start all over again. Eventually, I’d just have to politely leave.

(Ps. Did you know that elevator music might soon become personalised? )

41 replies on “Magic Socks”

I remember seeing the original ones as a kid, too. The best! But then I saw a re-run as a grown-up and they were bafflingly poorly made. The wonders of childhood had just crusted them with gold, but that’s a good thing 🙂


Did the memory crust them that much with gold. Like the original Star trek – the effects were very basic but I think the acting and storyline superb. The cheesy nature of the script in Batman was just that- cheesy. What made it so bad – specifically?

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I wasn’t ever much of a fan to any extent. There was one TV for us to watch in the sixties, so it was enforced viewing as my brother got to choose the channel. In saying that, there wasn’t more than 2 or 3 channels anyway and the ABC didn’t start telecasting anything till late in the afternoon and even then, that was ‘Play school,’ or the ‘Banana Splits’. (And years ahead of its time: Auntie Jack a cross dressing comedy!) I do also remember a Yoga segment, which probably started me on my journey with Yoga. So the ‘Whams’ and ‘Pows,’in Batman missed the mark?

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Well, you’re a girl so you probably weren’t as attracted to the fight scenes as your brother. Yoga seemed better. I know you just posted about ”girl stuff” vs ”by stuff” but really, our interests are often divided in that stereotypical way… 😊


Magic socks indeed. I imagine your boys are both excited and mystified by the response. I’m not surprised by the personalized elevator music. In supermarkets here it’s not unusual for them to play classic rock and the like. There’s no worse feeling in the world than realizing you’re standing in a supermarket aisle, tapping your foot, and bobbing your head to shopping music.

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I know I’ve seen a movie or something where the people in a supermarket hear personalized messages from the products as they pass. I can confidently say I won’t be getting any since I have an old flip phone, I’m not on social media, and I don’t have anything up in the cloud. I’m not a privacy fanatic, but compared to most people I guess I look that way.

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