Dream Green

As I re-open my work computer tomorrow morning, my summer ends. The air has already had a cool autumnal feel to it for a while, so it’s no big shock.

The clouds look like waves in the sea and I turn my mind back to a warmer day three weeks ago. I visited the Kumpula Botanical Garden in Helsinki for some zen, and found it – right where I thought it would be.

Hello, welcome!

I was thinking of work today for a brief moment, though I try not to during my annual leave. But one of my 3-year-olds prompted it. He sounded like he was selling something to me, and ended his pitch with, “Would that be alright for you?”

It reminded me of a sales training at work where they were saying you had to close deals with an affirmative ending. Luckily, the only selling I have to do at work is copywriting, which I quite like doing.

My 3-year-old is better at face-to-face sales pitches than me.

This garden was quite compact but very cute, just like I remembered it from last year, when we visited on Mother’s Day. They were promoting free entry for moms but then we got a parking ticket from the parking lot outside, which is exactly the kind of irony I appreciate.

No hard feelings, though. This time I took the tram.

And then I stumbled upon Japan

I sat on a bench looking, for the longest time, at the view in the photo below. If only that was my very own garden!

But wait, let’s back up to the photo above, with the Japan sign. Do you see the face on the tree?

With our lives turned upside-down by the Virus, nature doesn’t seem to mind. It keeps on going, Covid or no Covid.

Except, of course, if Covid makes us forget about climate change entirely. I wonder what Greta’s been up to lately.

All this simple beauty makes me feel relaxed. Living in an apartment building, such moments are luxury.

If this was my garden, I wouldn’t mind a house this color. I quite like the plants it was paired with, too. Peach and green: so good together.

(I might change the bench, though.)

Time for me to stop daydreaming and go to bed. My alarm clock will ring sooner than I think.

Mexico? No, just Nordic Helsinki!

All the photos in this post are from the enchanting Kumpula Botanical Garden in Helsinki.

44 responses to “Dream Green

  1. I am sorry I missed Kumpala. It does look Zen. Absolutely love the shot by the stream! Ahh. A fabulous place to meditate.
    But why do you have to pay to enter a park? Is it privately owned?
    I thought ‘conspiracy’ the moment Covid arrived and Greta disappeared from my news bulletins. The groundswell of public opinion, demanding action needed to reverse, or at least slow climate, was gathering such momentum, it must have been like a runaway train to the mining and oil industries, who have so much power and influence. What better way to get people off the street and deflect attention, than a pandemic where you can’t gather in groups? It is so convenient. But then I am not a conspiracy theorist.
    If I ever go to Helsinki again, I will meet you in Kumpala!

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    • Kumpula isn’t a tourist spot at all, so that’s probably why you missed it – and also why you should visit it! Yes, let’s meet there, let me know when! 🤗👍😆 It’s owned by the university, I think, and the fee is used towards its maintenance or research or something. But most places cost here anyway, this is an expensive city! I remember visiting the Louvre in Paris for 8€ back when I lived there, and when I returned to Helsinki, the local art museums were all 8€ too! Though they were all tiny and had nothing like what you can find in Louvre! The Louvre is so big you can’t possibly see it all in one day, with everything from Egyptian mummies to world famous paintings… 😅 Not quite comparable!! Not to mention that today museum entrance can cost 15€, as prices just keep going up!
      Anyway, conspiracy, eh? Who knows. There is probably a lot going on behind our backs.


  2. Looks like a lovely garden, very soothing. My favorite garden on the island has been closed since March with no signs it’s going to reopen anytime soon. I suspect they make most of their money from tourists and we’re still virtually shut down in that department, so I guess it will be a while. Are you still working from home? Oh, and yes, I did see the face in the tree, looking a little askance I think.

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    • I’m still working from home and I hope that can be a permanent thing. But who knows. I have a feeling people will easily slide back into their old ways and soon we’ll be punching in and sitting in cubicles just like before! It would be cool if, instead of that, we could create work avatars for ourselves and the ”office” could be like an online game (I don’t play those games but I’ve seen them on tv)… everyone would be free to look the way they wanted, dress how they wanted and have salmon for lunch at their desks without a colleague complaining of a fishy smell!! 😁 Hope your garden opens soon. Maybe before the tourist masses arrive.

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      • Seems like I read somewhere recently that quite a few people don’t want to work from home. They miss the office dynamics and having a ‘separate’ life from home. I think single, younger people felt this more than strongly. Living and working from home left them feeling quite isolated. I think I’d be fine working from home. I’d probably do more just because I’d feel guilty if I paused for a snack or to catch up on a ballgame.

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  3. I really have to get to that part of the world, whenever they finally agree that it’s safe enough in general to travel. Feels like there’s very little of the world that I’ve properly seen. Thanks for these photos. It rained here all day, and was dark, so this transported me. At least one of those photos is going to inspire a scene in a story I’m writing just now.

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  4. I think your third photo is especially nice. The colors, exposure, and composition are all very nice. Make me want to walk down that natural looking path. 🙂

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  5. Zen and botanical gardens are the perfect combination! I could spent hours digging the plant patterns and just absorbed nature.One thing that Covid taught me is that to go back to nature and I now understands more and more.
    I visited gardens here quite often with my daughter and if it has a play area and some flowing water, then its really a win spot!
    Ahh, today is rainy and I´m sure the green world appreciates that a lot, but I hope summer could linger a bit more longer.Sending you warm love and thoughful thoughts from Bavaria.
    Beautiful photos as always and thank you for sharing your dream!

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  6. Absolutely beautiful shots, my kind of garden too. I would spend hours (days if possible) enjoying it. One for the dream list.

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  7. These are marvellous photos. I can feel the zen and would love to visit you in such a house with a different bench. Your son (both, I’m sure) sound like his future is bright. He will deal with the parking meter maids for you. 😀 Happy back to work! (Physically or still virtually there?)

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    • Hahah!! 😆 I’m sooo looking forward to my kids dealing with the meter maids for me!!! Hehee.
      Today, I’m working from home, but who knows for how long? I have a feeling most organisations aren’t very eager to adapt new ways of working despite the savings it might bring in office rent: middle management would be out of work!!!

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  8. Very soothing and serene scenery! I can see why you like it. Hope the back-to-work goes as well as possible and that you will still have a little more summery weather to enjoy on your days off. Autumn feels very far away here!

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  9. What a generous place in terms of nature. It’s everywhere. Absolutely magic…

    You’ll have to show me more photos of that other place you went to with the cute bunnies house.

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  10. I did see the face on the tree. Nice garden. A bit astounding that you had summer. I feel we didn’t and lockdown goes on except for a week’s respite in Malinalco, outside Mexico. No sign of a respite here… Probably need to mentalize till the end of the year…
    Good luck with “back to work…” 🙏🏻

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    • Well our summer was 2 weeks in June and then it was cold-ish for a month (my holiday) and now that I returned to work it got a bit sunnier again. Trying hard not to be annoyed… 😫
      What do you mean you didn’t get summer – isn’t it always warm in Mexico?! 😋 (Said by someone who’s only seen it in pics!!)
      Take care!!!!

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      • Sorry about that. Your weather is a ta short…
        We didn’t “feel” the summer, being locked up. Also here the rainy season starts around May-June, and we normally take our vacation in July. My wife has 3 weeks. So Paris it is, and I stay 3 more weeks until mid-August. A “real” summer in Paris. Which we didn’t get. So right now, it’s the full rainy season and fresh most days… I know, I shouldn’t complain about the “relative” cold…
        U 2. Biz et A+

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  11. Aaah looks so pretty, I haven’t been in ages! I haven’t been going to Helsinki much since March actually…. We’re reading a book about Greta to the kids in preschool, relaying her message to our (perhaps) future leaders 😅🤩

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