Friendly Friday: Future

Dear friendly friends, this is my last time hosting this little photo challenge that Amanda and I envisioned.

We’ve been very lucky to gain so many participants each time – thank you all so much for your fun, beautiful, and thoughtful entires! We appreciate all of your visits!

Why am I giving up hosting a successful challenge? Well, I simply don’t have enough time and energy to give it all my heart, and I don’t like doing things half-heartedly. I’ll still continue blogging and the good news is, I’ve finally realized what I want to do with my blog: hone my writing skills. And comment more on the posts of other bloggers who inspire me.

I’m very happy to confirm that Friendly Friday will go on, and in 2020, it’ll turn a new leaf with Amanda and Sandy as hosts. Welcome, Sandy! Be sure to follow both their blogs so you don’t miss any future prompts.

Which reminds me: a big, warm thanks to Manja for stepping in and helping us whenever we needed a third host! And thank you very much, Amanda, for being such a great team mate and for keeping the challenge going!

This week, let’s look towards the future in my final prompt. The theme for Friendly Friday is Future. I hope you make it a bright one!

Created with Adobe Spark

Please join in – here’s how:

  • Create a post responding to the theme
  • Link that post to this one
  • Introduce your take on the theme in my comment section โ€“ this makes it more tempting for others to check out
  • Hop over to look at some of the other entries – be friendly and join the community!
  • There’s no deadline, don’t worry if your entry doesn’t come on Friday. We’re all in different time zones anyway

See ya!

Next week, hop on over to Something to Ponder About for the next prompt!

61 responses to “Friendly Friday: Future

  1. We will miss you on Fridays but are ever so glad that you will still continue in the blogging community. Thanks for initiating this wonderful adventure we have been on through 2019! We have met some wonderful people through the challenge!!

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  4. Ah sorry to hear this, but totally understand! Thank you for creating and hosting this challenge, it’s been one of my favourites and so much fun! I’ll be sure to keep following Amanda and Sandy as it moves into a new era! xx

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    • Thanks, Dusty! I’m so happy you’ve liked it! Amanda’s blog is a fun place to “comment chat” since she always gets so many visitors, so I’m sure the fun will continue just like it has. And excited to see what Sandy will do ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy weekend!

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  5. Good luck on honing your writing skills!

    I happily look forward to reading more on your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ve been an inspiring host for Friendly Friday and I hope to keep up the enthusiasm next year.

    – Sandy

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  8. Good Luck with your new writing journey Snow.
    Thank you for all the time and effort you have invested with this great weekly challenge that you and Amanda have commenced. As fellow bloggers we all know the commitment needed, it’s much appreciated.
    Have a great weekend lovely. Xx

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  15. What a cheery picture! You will be missed dearly but i am glad that you are going to continue writing…I love reading your posts:) It has been a lot of fun participating, though I could not take part in each and every one:( You and Amanda kept me going with my own blog and I accnot thank you enough for that. I wish you all the very best…warm hugs, Snow!

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  18. I love this, Snow. It seems that rarely do hosts say goodbye to their followers. Then you always wonder when it starts in again with a different blog host. I’d also like to include a link to this post in my interview. ๐Ÿ™‚

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