Friendly Friday: Whereabouts

Whereabouts – I like that word.

What are your whereabouts? Or what were they in the past?

This picture is from an autumn day a few weeks ago, in downtown Helsinki, my current wherabouts.

Treasured moment of sunlight, Oct 13th, 2019

Close enough, anyway: I’m typing this from another spot downtown, indoors. Today, the sun is shining but the colorful leaves are long gone.

My whereabouts are right here, right now, somewhere between autumn and winter. If you look at the weather, it’s winter, but people who like observing dates in the calendar will say it’s still autumn.

Autumn greets winter

Proof of this is an email I received at work this week, sent by a young girl in Communications. In response to an earlier email of mine, she told me in a dry, matter-of-fact tone that “Autumn months are September, October, and November.”

There you go, now I know. Silly me for thinking sleet, frosty mornings of zero degrees, leafless trees, and switching our clocks to winter time were any indicators of winter.

We crossed over to standard time from daylight saving time last weekend. Apparently its timing varies slightly from country to country: I only learned this last spring whilst browsing American blogs here on WordPress! You learn something new every day – if you are open to it.

The sun rises when I walk to work and sets when I walk home – winter darkness is falling upon us

But this post isn’t really about seasons changing. The theme for Friendly Friday this week is Whereabouts.

Whenever I hear that word, I think of someone lounging on a yacht somewhere beautiful, unsure of their exact whereabouts and not minding at all. Mischievous and fleeing reality, not answering the phone when people try to get in touch.

My whereabouts one day a decade ago when I worked as cabin crew

That’s a perfect little dream for the start of winter for someone like me who grew up in the subtropics and misses time spent outdoors, the colors and scents of flowers, birds singing in the trees, and seeing the sky… With the leaves gone, this city is becoming grey again, and new colors won’t emerge until next May.

So, join in and share some pictures of your current whereabouts, wherever you are, and let’s travel in our minds. And let’s be friendly to one another.

Also, Friendly Friday welcomes Manja, who is joining me as host for the month of November, while Amanda concentrates on moving into her beautiful new seaside home. Be sure to follow Manja’s blog so you don’t miss next week’s prompt!

Please join in:

  • Create a post responding to the theme
  • Link that post to this one
  • Add a comment at the end of this post, introducing your take on the theme – this makes it more tempting for others to click on your link!
  • Check out some of the other entries
  • There is no deadline

77 responses to “Friendly Friday: Whereabouts

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  3. The last picture is gorgeous. Also I loved the scene you conjured with whereabouts, the one with a yacht, blues waters and sky while I toil with my daily chores. There couldn’t be a greater contrast!

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  5. I like your whereabouts. Pretty, as always. We are having our first taste of winter here this week. In Texas, we seem to go from summer to winter in about a week. One day we are sweating and mowing the grass, and the next day it freezes.

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  6. Very appropriate them for all of us, Snow. Love it. As I love that first picture. I wish my whereabout were Helsinki! As it would mean I was travelling on holiday. Still, I am in an exciting phase of my life right now as you mentioned. So I definitely will travel in my mind in my quieter moments. Hopefully your week will be filled with more golden moments and less sleet.

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    • The last photo is from somehere in the Dominica Rep. I like that I don’t know where! Those cabin crew days are all a bit of a haze now. As for time switching, it’s a nuisance and I hope the EU decides against it soon: there has been talk of it. Our boys’ napping schedule goes completely haywire, even though it’s just an hour, it has a larger impact on the boys’ day.

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      • I can see that would make it hard for your boys. It’s like people visiting Hawaii. They just about adjust to the time change right before they have to leave and readjust to home time!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I remembet the time difference for us was 12h when we visited Hawaii 😆 That’s why I wanted us to stay a whole month! Lucky for me, I had just been working as cabin crew back then and so I was used to switching my inner clock and having breakfast at the craziest hours and going to sleep whenever, but I think hubby was a bit jetlagged for the first couple of days!

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  12. Yes, let’s be friendly. ❤ It's the least we can do. Thank you for the notice and the link to me. See you on my blog on Friday!

    One of my favourite jokes used to go like this: "Everybody is upset about the weather and nobody does a thing." Not funny any more.

    I like this word too that you've chosen. Today I'm taking the task literally. It is this kind of literal time.

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  15. Whereabouts? Hereabouts? (Picked that from Manja I think) Nice post. If it’s any consolation the “winter” time change has affected us too. It’s been raining for a few days, so the late afternoon has a Belgian feel. 😉

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  17. I feel you! But I have to admit, those pictures are wonderful. It is great that inspiration still proceeds no matter if it’s actually winter or not (those people who mind the calendar, grrh 😤 ).
    I am happy to have Barcelona again as my whereabouts. Here it still feels like Norwegian summer, but a Norwegian in me longs for a true sweater weather 🙈😆

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    • What, sweater weather! 😂 You Norwegian!! 😆
      As you know, I’d prefer Barcelona’s climate as my wherabouts, too. But what about those protests? It was in the media quite a bit over here, like a week ago, saying local schools were closed etc?
      And yeah, I think some people take it a bit too literally that November is an autumn month… I mean, what??! Autumn is when autumn is. You can’t plan it in a calendar. 🙄 Thanks Marina for popping by! 😋

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      • Sorry, but I bought some sweaters in Oslo, and you know how the girls there love them 🙈😆
        The media picture is always a bit exaggerated. There was an airport blocking, one day of strike, many peaceful demonstrations. But media like to focus on several burned cars and containers instead of peaceful half a million walking from other towns, no?
        So, it was not so bad, nothing happening in our hood – but it was an emotional time (I wrote my color hunt post on that day and mentioned a bit of the thing).
        And yes, who cares about calendar (if it never works 😆). Let us define November as we wish! 💪

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  24. Aah, what beautiful photos – those colours 🙂 I agree, winter is definitely here now, it’s cold, damp and dark – can’t wait for spring!!
    I’ve had a bit of a blogging break, but am really happy to be back and taking part in this challenge again. It was one of my first stops 🙂

    Here is my entry, it’s not my current whereabouts, but of somewhere that I visited around this time of year a long time ago! It bought back lots of memories.

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