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Autumn Series: Birds and Reflections

Wiped out by the daily grind, this blog offers its author a refuge, a place where moments can be frozen into nice ones and all that is grey can be forgotten, like it never even existed.

Some say, without tedium, one doesn’t appreciate the happy moments. I disagree.

But it’s important to keep optimistic and try to improve the bits and elements that compose that daily grind. No use in complaining, just go ahead and do something about it! At least try.

And when it’s too much, let your mind float to a moment when a bike was left on a roof, as if it had landed from above – just like Aladdin with his magic carpet.

And to a moment with an albino duck, oblivious to his rare status and the newspaper story written about him.

Perhaps that’s why I feel the urge to write: to escape to an imaginary world inside my mind, a world which I control.

33 replies on “Autumn Series: Birds and Reflections”

Right… we are our own writers, photographers, editors, proofreaders, publishers, agents, publicists, and probably worst critics too. Plus we do it for free (the lucky ones). Well, in an ideal world we would get paid for something that we love doing and that we do well for the benefit of many. Also we should do it in such a way as if not to appear desperate for money and also without begging. Hm, no wonder I’m not easily employable. So it’s back to the blog and our control here…

The last two photos could trick me into thinking these were both swans, thanks for explaining and adding the story. He doesn’t care, that’s for sure.

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Yes, this is where I’m the boss and I decide what happens next. I love being in control. 🙂 And doing all those things you mentioned, I love all that too. We hobbyist bloggers are true writers, creative souls with so many stories to tell.
But it’s true that non-bloggers don’t even realize how good we are at these things. Which is fine, unless it’s somehow related to your everyday job and you get stepped over continuously… 😒

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Daily grind that’s a great translation for the Finnish word “arki”. I’ve looked for a translation but never found one that satisfied me but I think this is now it!!! Lovely photos, the albino bird is just something. ❤️

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What a splendid day. I do like that bike on the roof. There’s nothing like something seen out of context to grab the attention. I also like your albino mallard. Makes me think of a few white (don’t think they’re considered albino) yellow tang fish I see here. I call them Albi, after a kids song from Flight of the Conchords about Albi, the racist dragon!

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I can relate to the escapist element of blog writing. It is quite relaxing and theraupeutic too!
Beautiful collection of photographs showcasing the autumnal clothes of Finland! I wondered if the bike on the roof indicated a bike hire facility?

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I don’t think they rent bikes but they do rent SUP boards! We actually visited that cafe last summer but the service was rude and the food nothing worth remembering. Not a big problem, since there are several cafes around that bay. The little blue hut you commented on in an earlier post is an excellent cafe and we visit several times a summer 😊

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Now I sill have to look up a sUp board…. right. Stand up Paddle board – of course. Perfect to discover the lake with. Do you do that? I am not sure my balance ever recovered after having children. I haven’t been able to skate without falling over at least once each time, ever since…..

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No, I’ve never had the chance to go. Always working when the weather was nice. Also, the water there looks quite yucky up close, wouldn’t want to fall in! I first saw stand-up paddling when we visited Hawaii and I’ve been dreaming of it ever since. But nowadays my balance isn’t that good anymore, like you said…


You got the dreamed conditions for landscape photography!! The contrast between the golden trees and the blue lake and sky is utterly beautiful!! And those clouds….
I dreamed with these images when I visited Lapland early this year… I saw the frozen lakes and trees covered in snow, everything so white and pure and all I though about in those moments was seeing that same landscape in autumn. I was right, it’s a magical view!! 🙂
I hope there’s a winter version of these posts coming soon!! (I know it’s not the same with the extreme cold and almost no daylight but one can dream, right?)

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Autumn in Lapland must be beautiful, I’ve never seen it but maybe one day! The water here is sea water, it’s a bay in downtown Helsinki and it looks bigger in these pics than it actually is! The water isn’t fit for swimming but it does look pretty. There’s an outdoors cafe I like on top of a hill there, open during summer when it’s not raining. I always have strawberry juice and feta pie 😋 😋😋 What’s your autumn looking like? 😘

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