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Harberton, Part Two: Pictures

Years ago, I did a post on Estancia Harberton in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. This is a looong overdue follow-up with more photos.

We visited the site from Ushuaia, stopping to admire the wildlife along the way… if you’ve followed my blog, you’ll know that I have a soft spot for penguins!


I won’t repeat the details that you can read from part one, but I’ll leave you with the serene, rustic images.

Hope you have a very serene end of the week!

38 replies on “Harberton, Part Two: Pictures”

Oh really?! Funny! I feel like I’ve always ”known” you 😊 virtually, at least ☺️ I can’t remember our first conversations… maybe it was back when you still had Monday Mysteries and I participated (and was always so bad at guessing!! But I absolutely loved that challenge! Why did you stop MM?)

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Yes it was way back in the MM phase. I feel like we have always had some connection, probably because of our childhood here in the same town. Why did I stop MM’s. It seemed to becoming a bit stale, and the same bloggers were responding each week, and I had been doing it for a number of years. I don’t regret having it,, but it seemed to have lost the reason for its existence. I have deleted a lot of the posts as they had guest photos on them. I kept a few though, as a nice reminder. Maybe I will do one again – for nostalgic reasons.

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I read your intro to say that “yesterday” you did the Part 1 post, and I swore I did not see that! Then I went to that one and saw that yes, I did, and it was years ago, just as you actually said in this post. Reading too fast …

Anyway, I did slow down and really look at the photos, which are gorgeous (as were the initial ones)!

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Hey Brieuc! I was just checking your blog yesterday to see if I’ve missed any posts since it’s been a while. How was Paris? Our summer was fun, but it’s gone already, unless you count 15C as summer weather 🤣 (I don’t!) I returned to work 2 weeks ago after 4 weeks of holidays at home, and the boys are back at daycare, learning fast and growing before my very eyes! Hope you are well?

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Hi Lumi. Haven’t posted anything yet. Still sorting the Paris pix. 🙂 Paris was great as usual, with concerns about the state of the country… But that is another issue. Glad you enjoyed your vacation. The boys must be growing very fast. Have found grandson quite changed after 6 weeks. Though still as charming as ever. If the temperature is already low, enjoy the light. Will be in touch soon, as soon as I figure out a first post. Au revoir.

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This would have made a fine post for the Friendly Friday ‘Remote’ theme. I do like out of the way places such as those in the photos. Parts of Scotland and Ireland have that feel, as well as some of the American west. And who doesn’t like penguins? Did you see the story about the human-sized penguin whose remains were found in New Zealand?

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Oooh beautiful place and pictures too! It must be a truly unforgettable trip for you. I wonder if there are people who do not like penguins? The first time I saw them in the wild was in NZ. I will never forget how cute they looked coming out of the water 🙂

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