Space Boats, Vespas, and Plenty of Water

Whether we’re off to spot horses or ants, my boys are thrilled. They can’t wait to get out of the flat, always bursting with energy and curiosity.

Usually, they can’t even contain their excitement long enough for me to get their clothes on, and it takes forever.

The Finnish word for an ant is complicated, muurahainen, and the boys’ eager attempts to reproduce the sounds are endearing. Muu-ra-hai-nen. The r is a rolling r and they do it quite well.

All insects are ants. If I call them by some other name, I’m promptly corrected.

Horses are taaaaall, ants are tiiiiiny, we repeat in our conversations, over and over again. (This is where you imagine us gesturing size differences and altering our voices.)

Both are equally interesting creatures. Horses and ants.

…four, five, six, seven! one of the boys recites. His favorite number is four, pronounced with zest, “FOOOUR!!!” His favorite colour is yellow, and that might also be his brother’s favorite, but it’s hard to tell since he’s less decisive when it comes to, well, decisions.

One of the boys knows where all the neighbourhood’s motorcycles and vespas are parked. If a motorcycle he was looking forward to spotting is missing in action, he’ll be pointing and calling after it. There, there! Yes, that’s where it’s supposed to be.

This summer, we visited a co-worker of mine who lives in the countryside just out of town. It was a real treat for all of us: great company, blueberries and strawberries straight from the bushes (exotic for us city-dwellers), a garden that the boys were invited to water, resulting in glee and wet clothes, as well as an elusive cat, which, once spotted, caused the boys to give out loud, confident meows. Exclamation mark included! Meo-w!

The rest of the summer, watering plants was on trend. The boys repeatedly raced and fought over which one of them got to water the few poor pots on our balcony – even when they had just been soaked.

And since our balcony was already soaked, one warm day we decided to bring the boys’ plastic tubs out there for a fresh air bath. The little ones splashed away for the longest time, playing with bath toys, singing, and splashing some more. Until their tubs were near empty and the water had gone cold. Our floor got a much-needed wash that day.

We spent a small fortune on store-bought, fresh, local berries of all sorts, and splurged on a new dining table and chairs, getting rid of the boys’ baby highchairs once and for all.

Some things advance slower with twins because of us parents. Unlike the little ones, our energy resources have limits. But it was a good summer holiday at home and it felt a lot longer than just one month because we had plans for each day. The boys seemed to grow bigger and taller than you’d expect in just one month, too. Time must be quite a relative thing.

The boys had plenty of firsts this summer. They got their first passports, with cute pictures of them looking slightly annoyed at the photographer’s lens, hippie-haired.

They did their first day trip abroad by ferry to Tallinn, which happened to coincide with nap time so they were asleep for most of it. But they enjoyed the ferry’s play area and still seem to remember the trip.

The boys got their first barber’s haircuts this summer, which, in retrospect, might as well have been before the passport photos instead of after.

The barber shop specialized in kids and all haircutting was performed while sitting in a red sports car which played Chinese children’s songs, sounding very much like J-pop. I had a pleasant flashback to my Tokyo trip years before. The boys loved the barber’s so much we created a big show when we tried to leave!

They had their first hotel stay – quite a frenzy, may I add – and experienced plenty of food-firsts. Another first was swimming, at a kiddies’ pool outdoors.

And they got their first balance bikes, mastering them instantaneously, and making me scratch my head: they must’ve sneakily been borrowing some other kid’s bike at daycare all this time.

What’s this? I point to a decorative sticker featuring a rocket, which I just stuck on the back of their door.

A boat, one of them answers.

It’s a rocket, I say. It flies all the way to space!

No, it’s a boat, he corrects me, with authority.

Don’t mess with a two-year-old.

Okay, it’s a space boat, you’re right, honey.

55 responses to “Space Boats, Vespas, and Plenty of Water

  1. Sounds like a great summer for your boys! Plenty of new experiences and lots of fun! Did they need their passport for Tallinn trip or was it madefor some future trip?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes, definitely! I’ve been thinking the same. And they already have their own opinions and preferences. Where do they come from? Dna? But they are identical twins and share dna, yet have different tastes and preferences. It’s fascinating to watch 😊

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  2. I do enjoy reading about the boy’s childhood and their stages growing up. It rekindles all those beautiful memories of my little boys for me. My boys loved trains and cars and I remember well the repeatitive nature of our conversations and the excitement when they saw the railway yards for the first time when we went to the city on the train.
    The norwegian and danish word for ant is maur – so a little similar to Finnish! Now I have some Finnish words in my vocabulary! The boys sounds like darlings- so excited about speaking words and spotting things in their environment. They will be keen learners at school and imaginative too.
    Meanwhile my first born is moving out this weekend. I wasn’t sad as he is well past the usual moving out age, if indeed there is one, but still there was a moment when i looked in his room this morning and saw a bare room without furniture! The heart tugs at these moments. But he is close by, so we will hopefully see a fair bit of him.
    Have a wonderful week and give your boys a big hug!

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    • Thanks Amanda 😘 I never meant to be writing such personal blog posts but I felt like writing and these are the things on my mind. Happy if you enjoy reading them! In Swedish, ant is myra so it’s quite similar too. Never of thought of it before! I can imagine what it must be with your eldest flown out of the nest now! Hopefully you’ll still see plenty of him and he’ll keep you up to date on his life 😊 At least with nowadays’ apps and all, it’s easier. Good idea to move to a new place for a fresh new phase in your lives 🤗


  3. I don’t have kids so my parenting advices are worthless, but I’m mightly impressed that you take your little guys to see ants, horses, eat berries and take notice of things such as motorbikes and so on. Way too often, over here in London, I see children plonked in front of iPads and that makes me really sad. They’ll grow up socially inept… Oh well.

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    • Our boys watch kids’ musical shows on an iPad during meals because otherwise they won’t sit still (so much energy!!). Which I guess some might consider a bad habit but no one’s perfect 😊 We try our best.
      Actually just yesterday at the park some boy, around 6 or 7, introduced himself to me while I was watching my boys use the slide. This boy clearly wanted a grown-up’s attention. He showed off his sliding skills and was smiling like crazy. I felt sorry for him, I couldn’t see his parents anywhere.

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  4. Wait til they erupt in their fantasies and tell you stories that you’ve never heard before! Like they’ve been to a place that you’ve never been to! It’s always fun to linger here in your page for a while… I missed you and your stories. Summer is a beautiful break for all of us, sun is a great help to wind up our moods as well. With 3 weeks off that the Kindergarten is closed I have enough adrenalin to keep my sanity :-))) I love the watering the pohts in your balcony–sounds too real and same as here in my world! Sending you tight hugs and kisses to your two gems!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh yeah, I really can’t wait to hear what goes on in their minds 💕 Clearly they already process so much in that wise little head, have dreams at night, play with toys, build legos… Happy to hear you are feeling energized! Will you be back to blogging regularly? 😊😘

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  5. How quickly your adorable twins are growing up Snow, now sitting at the dining table and riding bicycles with stabilisers. I’m sure they love their bikes – were these their birthday gifts? And all those milestones achieved – barbers, passport, going abroad – so many happy memories for you both! Loved reading this post about your little family, a perfect combination personal yet not so!

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  6. Looks like you had an exhausting but also lovely summer with your boys!!! It must be so exciting to see them discover the world and having all those “firsts”!!! Like joining them in a new adventure every single day

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  7. I loved those days of raising children with so many firsts. It’s nice to see the world through the lens of a child. It sounds like a wonderful summer was had by all.

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