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Friendly Friday: Chair

Happy Friday everyone!

This week, I was browsing through my old photos and spotted these two pictures. Colorful… and they both feature chairs.

Chairs on a wall

The first one is from Switzerland, I’m pretty sure, and the second one from Italy. But I think they look quite harmonious together. That lovely terracotta color is present in both… and so is an ugly pipe that adds a bit of something the photos need. A point of interest.

My only regret is that the bike is blocking a yellow box – one of them should have been moved. Though I like the box, if I could choose to redo this shot, I’d probably move it out of the frame and keep the bike.

Anyway, quite a lot of thoughts here… yet the chairs dominate.

This week’s theme is Chair. I’m looking forward to seeing your entries!

street view with bike and pink wall

Friendly Friday is a photo challenge open to all, hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere and Something to Ponder About.

How to join the fun:

  1. Create a post responding to the week’s theme and link your post here with a pingback
  2. Have fun and have a nice treat while you’re at it
  3. Add a comment at the end of this post introducing your interpretation of the theme
  4. Have a look at what others have posted and leave nice comments if you like their work

That’s all – easy! I love quirky posts so don’t be afraid to get creative! Next week it’s Amanda’s turn to host again.

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Thanks so much for taking part – not only because of the photos you posted but also so your blog came on my radar: I enjoyed browsing your Egypt Diaries tag! Interesting stuff! I also wanted to follow but couldn’t find a button to do so!)

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