Friendly Friday: Design

Another fortnight has flown by and it’s my turn to host Friendly Friday again.

I had taken the day off from work today, thinking I’d have a nice day in the sun, go swimming at the (always crowded) public pool perhaps, and sit outside leisurely gathering my thoughts.

Unsurprisingly, the morning started with chilly rain. Whenever a day like this is planned ahead, the weather gods like to play a prank or two, I’ve noticed.

So I headed over to a café instead, one that I visited for the first time a couple of weeks ago when I met up with another blogger, Suvi. A pleasant meet-up and a beautiful jugend (art nouveau) style café.

Snuggled in a cozy leather armchair, back in a dark corner of the large hall that served as the seating area, I had a nice view of the place. There was a fresco above me and some delicate details carved in stone, there were arches and private little nooks.

Once again, I marveled at local architecture and design. The more I notice them all around me here in downtown Helsinki, the more I’ve come to love them. The details tell a story of their era.

For this week’s Friendly Friday photo challenge, the theme is Design.

I hope you have fun with it – please join in!

How to participate:

  • Create a post responding to the theme Design
  • Link that post to this one with a pingback
  • Add a comment at the end of this post, introducing your take on the theme
  • Check out some of the other entries!


  • You’re welcome to use our logo if you want
  • Tag the post Friendly Friday in WordPress so it can be easily found

Next Friday, it’ll be Amanda’s turn to host the challenge again.

Happy Friday!

Created with Adobe Spark

Ps. As soon as I had decided not to go swimming, the sun came out again.

89 responses to “Friendly Friday: Design

  1. I remember visiting that cafe too and admired the frescos. So nice that you had an opportunity to meet up with Suvi who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting twice. I’ve only met up with one other blogger and that was in New York and I had a friendly welcome there too! Enjoy the rest of your day off, the weather forecast predicted warm sunshine here today but there’s no evidence of it yet! Best wishes, Marion

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    • Thanks Marion! Suvi mentioned that you two met and had a lovely time ❤️ Suvi seems to know all the coolest places in Helsinki, her blog is my number one source for restaurant ideas 🤣 I’ve met two other bloggers – one of them no longer blogs but we sometimes catch up, she has small twins too and lives near Helsinki. Hope you have a gorgeous weekend!

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  2. Wow, what a lovely and interesting looking cafe! It looks more like a museum! Great theme, I’ll have to get my thinking hat on for this one. I’m sorry that the weather gods aren’t being kind to you today on your day off – I hope it improves and you get to go for your swim!

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    • Feel free to get creative and interpret the theme however you want! 🤗 Hope you join in! It got a bit sunnier after I left the cafe but too late to go swimming: it’s insanely crowded during daytime, you need to go right when it opens or just before closing! One thing I miss about living somewhere warm: casual swims whenever you want! 🙄

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  9. We might have swimming weather here more often than you, Snow but we dont have that incredibly inspiring architecture. I would certainly relish visiting that cafe. I was surprised that cafe was in the city near Havis Amanda. I would have checked it out had I known!!

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  11. I’d love to have a cup of coffee in that cafe! Great photos, Snow! I’ll try to put something together when I get home next week. I’m visiting friends in California and the sun is shining! But it was foggy and cold at the beach today. Hopefully you’ll get some sunshine and summer weather soon!

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      • Yes, I do feel lucky being here! 🏝 Mostly I combine catching up with friends I’ve known for 30 years by combining that with visiting the places I love most: the beach, the redwoods, the nature preserves and of course the sunshine! I’ll send some your way! 🌞

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    • Thanks so much! Your links work well. I’m a bit swamped at the moment and late at replying but I’m sure others have checked out the entries here in the meantime, including yours 😊 Heading over to your post right now!

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  14. That is one beautiful cafe… such intricate details! That fresco too:) It reminded me of a dim sum place we had visited here in US near Boston that used to be a theater/movie place in the 1900s. And it had these very high ceilings with fresco and some ornate details on the walls and you could tell that it was quite grand during its hay days! It is now a restaurant that always has a long queue- not without reason as their dim sums are delicious, but I have wondered a few times if something else could have been done that would have made more justice to the now faded, yet imposing piece of architecture . Here’s my contribution for the week:

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