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Friendly Friday: Dreamy

On my list of Things I Wish I Didn’t Know:

-Spring has been spotted elsewhere in Europe… meanwhile it’s still -9 °C here

-There are loads of big, live, jumping spiders over at the local Museum of Natural History (I made up “jumping”, but they are poisonous)

-Chocolate makes you fat

Since my blog’s tagline is Stories and dreamy images, I’ve given myself permission to dream a bit when I blog. Let’s forget about all the worries in the world and daydream… Let your mind wander. Where does it go? What do you dream of?

Today’s theme for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is Dreamy.

Choose a photo that looks dreamy to you. New or old. It could be a pretty summer scene or yummy ice cream (even no-bake cookies you made yourself) – the choice is yours!

Want to join in?

  • Leave your response in the comments section of this post
  • Also include a link to the prompt in your post!
  • You are welcome to add our logo – this is optional
  • There’s no deadline for participating, it doesn’t have to be on Friday
  • Finally, please check out other participants’ posts to see how they’ve interpreted the theme!

The challenge is hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere and Something to Ponder About (next week). See you in the comments section!

Happy Friday!

Created with Adobe Spark

92 replies on “Friendly Friday: Dreamy”

Ahhh, lovely theme and photo, properly dreamy! But you say ‘choose a photo’, must it be only one? Can’t promise that… You know how bad I am with instructions. Oh, and thanks for mentioning my dreamy no-bake cookies. Hehhehe! Let’s dream!

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I love the colours in this photo, Snow. It is a perfect harmony of colours – even a tint of the orange sunset in the blue of the water. This would make a wonderful painting! Or large canvas print for the wall in a seaside residence! See you next week!

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I do not believe chocolate makes us fat. I believe it’s the sugar in the chocolate, which, quite frankly, I prefer to have in the form of soda and fruit-flavored sweets. Oh I do so prefer, LOL!
And without jumping poisonous spiders.
That photo is envy-inducing 🙂

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