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Friendly Friday: Dreamy

On my list of Things I Wish I Didn’t Know:

-Spring has been spotted elsewhere in Europe… meanwhile it’s still -9 °C here

-There are loads of big, live, jumping spiders over at the local Museum of Natural History (I made up “jumping”, but they are poisonous)

-Chocolate makes you fat

Since my blog’s tagline is Stories and dreamy images, I’ve given myself permission to dream a bit when I blog. Let’s forget about all the worries in the world and daydream… Let your mind wander. Where does it go? What do you dream of?

Today’s theme for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is Dreamy.

Choose a photo that looks dreamy to you. New or old. It could be a pretty summer scene or yummy ice cream (even no-bake cookies you made yourself) – the choice is yours!

Want to join in?

  • Leave your response in the comments section of this post
  • Also include a link to the prompt in your post!
  • You are welcome to add our logo – this is optional
  • There’s no deadline for participating, it doesn’t have to be on Friday
  • Finally, please check out other participants’ posts to see how they’ve interpreted the theme!

The challenge is hosted by The Snow Melts Somewhere and Something to Ponder About (next week). See you in the comments section!

Happy Friday!

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92 replies on “Friendly Friday: Dreamy”

[…] This post is in response to two photo challenges, which I could say is killing two birds with one stone, but given the subject matter, that would be most inappropriate. This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Flight’, and this week’s Friendly Friday challenge theme is ‘Dreamy’ (see more responses here). […]


Is there any beach in Finland?? Is it too cold in the Baltic?? I remember when we lived in Stockholm and my husband was brave enough to swim in the archipelago… But I guess the water was a bit warmer in the south of Stockholm archipelago than in Finland (By the way, I wasn’t that brave, hahaha, I need a very warm see to swim… Even in Spain is hard for me to get into the water!!!)

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Well the Baltic Sea is polluted here in Helsinki. Some people still swim but I won’t. The algae can give you skin irritation and in the worst case, if you swallow the water, liver damage 🙁 They don’t usually mention this when they say this is the happiest country in the world. Then there are lakes inland which most Finns flock to in the summer. Unfortunately we don’t have a lakeside cottage of our own so we have nowhere to go swim. Well not easily. Sure we could drive for an hour to a lake but it’s not something you can do spontaneuously on a warm summer day. A shame since swimming is my favorite thing in the world…
The archipelago outside Stockholm always looks amazing when I see it from the Helsinki-Stockholm ferry!! 😊

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Now that you mention the pollited Baltic Sea… I remember that someone told us not to eat salmon from Sweden, as they come from the Baltic Sea and it’s polluted… But nobody said anything about swimming in the archipelago!! So sad that you can’t enjoy the sea, even if it’s a bit colder than the ones I’m used to swim!
Uuumm see? Here’s a difference between Swiss and Finnish… Here people do drive more than one hour to get to alpine lakes in summer! Some of them are pretty idyllic and even with warm water, so city people just run away to these lakes during the summer weekends and come back on the same day 🙂
The archipelago is one of my most beautiful memories from my years in Sweden… in summer it was glorious and during winter it was weird for me, as a Spaniard, to see all that water frozen!!

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I guess they just do the same, no matter the season… they go to the mountains in winter to ski so… why don’t do the same for a refreshing bath in summer? I love that they spend so much time in the outdoors. Actually, it’s mostly expats who stay in the city and the city lake in summer!! Swiss just go to the mountains for the day or the weekend 🙂

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